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Thursday, 1 December 2016

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Tuesday November 10th, 2020:- Santa will still be arriving in Guelph this year!  The Downtown Guelph Business Association has partnered with the Rotary Club of Guelph to create a safe and merry experience for the community.


A family tradition for all ages, Sparkles in the Park has been organized by the Rotary Club of Guelph for over 25 years and sees tens of thousands of colourful lights installed in Riverside Park during the festive season.  Launching this year on Saturday December 19th and lighting up Riverside Park until December 31st, Santa will be in attendance from 6pm to 8pm on December 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd.


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THE WALL chapter ONE Prime Minister from a new novel by Phil Musgrave 
 He was after everything that had happened he was still the Prime Minister of Canada. This was some kind of theme park. Full of rides, truly weird food and people everywhere. He was wearing a wig and dark sunglasses. His personal security was with him as always, but this was a holiday at the CNE with the son Carlton who was now 15 years old. A few people had recognized the child and walked toward them but were confused by his wig and sunglasses and walked away. He was trying to remember the item on the agenda of the G8 summit that had closed only yesterday. “Of course,” he thought, “The elephant in the room had been world population growth.” 18% by 2040.

 He suddenly had this image enter his brain teeming masses of humanity rising global temperature by body heat alone. Was it discussed, No, all he wanted to talk about was the repugnant wall. Yes they had talked about climate change, refugees, world hunger, and that fly in the ointment as he called her Greta.

 He had also been thoroughly briefed on the virus. However he had not discussed some.. Most of the agenda of this G8 with even the closest members of his staff in the PMO. Prime Minister John James Had no Idea what the world would look like in 300 years. The man did however have a grasp of what the world would look like in 10. He did not like it. John James was bilingual; he had grown up in Hamilton and Gone for his Masters to Western. He had come up the hard way through the ranks of the party running in local politics first then regional, provincial and Finally national. 

 He was experienced and astute and street smart. His cabinet he had hand picked himself and the privy council was his stomping ground. His wife Marly was off somewhere with the other kids. He really did not know his children, and really did not want to. His children made him happy because they were a success, Still young but a product of his loins therefore a good reflection on himself. Good Politics involved making or taking opportunities and if you did it right you survived. Although fluent in French he had been shut out in the last election and so was governing Canada, “by consent ,” he would tell his Cabinet. 

“So watch Your P’s and Q’s Especially the Q’s.” The world had changed and was changing faster. To get on the news you had mostly audio bites broadcast over Google minis and car radios people just did not have time anymore. So in a nutshell his world looked like this. Australia was on fire. Their summer came when the Earth was 3 million miles closer to the sun. The heat for the fire was spreading out over the south ocean to Antarctica. The Middle East was in Canada now, immigrants bring their culture here. And the whole world was going protectionist.
“On A planet far away,” John thought to himself, as he stopped to watch the people on this bucket thing swing back and forth. Trying to suck the last of the Summer.













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Saturday, 19 November 2016

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Keys to Novel chapters 1 - 4
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The Wall Chapter 22 Sport; This is a work of fiction copyright Phil Musgrave.

It was Chris who first brought it up in a conversation with Emma. “I miss hockey,” It was a quiet statement but Emma understood, Part of this man she was with was a talented hockey player. Not only that he was happier playing the game, both of them were avid fans, both liked to be physically active. He had a talent for hockey. Maybe not NHL caliber but it was in his blood. Even though they were riding their bikes more often. She had seen him cry, more often lately his personality was changing.

Chris was thinking about the discipline of varsity hockey. The team was at the rink warming up hours before the game started. He had hockey in his life starting at the age of 4 after school in grade school. The Peewee Mustangs, his stick was too big and he was not so good skating backward, but he always slept well at night. In grade school he and Robert were power forwards and by grade 8 they had both beefed up enough to make the Junior B.
“found this flyer” said Emma “It is all about designer masks.” “Hockey masks?” said Chris. “No silly, a Covid Mask, Maybe I should get one for Shopping it seems to be a fashionable thing to do.”
“You do that and I won’t be seen anywhere in public with My friends who think you have the virus and won’t come near me. If you want you can wear my hockey mask.” “Chris I will assume you are being facetious.”
“Get one with red polka dots and it will match your brain. Emma Chases Chris into their small backyard.”
Pushes him down and pulls on his ear lobes. “That will teach you monkey brain. They walk back to their little apartment. Emma knows that Chris is very private with his emotions and 7 other apartment units share the same back yard.

Back in the apartment Chris suddenly has a lot to say. You know I am already pretty sick of this. They have Hong Kong on the news. They say the Chinese are messing with their civil liberties. I think that our civil liberties are at risk. I took a Political Science course (BC)
Before Covid. Emma gigils. Chirs Continues. “No, I am serious, civil rights are very important ask any visible minority. Now the government has us all on lockdown the news says there will likely be a second wave.” “I sometimes think about what would happen if an alien species visited the earth right now they would report back that humans are trying very hard to wreck their own civilization.” Emma “I agree Instead of fighting this thing we ran away from it. Then the witch hunt continues with people doing contact tracing, and testing more and more people.”
It was the kindness of one bank employee that turned the clock back for Tom. He still noticed after making the minimum payment on his credit card. That the principal had only dropped by $4:00 “Blood sucker” he thought but still that one act of kindness had made him happy, Other people were willing to help too that made him believe that there was still hope for the human race. “Unless people started to show kindness to each other there would be no hope.

Even with the new vaccine they were testing in the United States ( that created a wall between the virus and the cell.) The world would not be right until everyone could stand together,

He was still aware of Sam’s situation where he lived in a retirement home that grossed 6 million a year. Sam was confined in his room 14 hours a day with sometimes inadequate care. He was required to wear a mask whenever he ventured outside his room. Sam was not spending his golden years in the sunshine, except for intermittent moments on the patio having a smoke.


Monday, 14 November 2016

GryphonBasketball Movie reviews and chapter 12 the wall

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Our Photos Click Here Local News Job Listing And Food Here Our you Tube Channel

Google Is Offer University Equivalent No prerequisite Reorganized by employers as University Equivalent click Here  
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Chapter 12 the wall

Chapter 12 the wall a work of fiction By Phil Musgarve 

It had been said by one of Tom's friends that this whole thing had been caused by a bat, someone ate it and then gave it to Eve, to take a bite. Everyone had to pay for their sin. “Will that be one bat or two Sir.” Tom could imagine. Tom thought of the story of Farley Mowat studying wolves and eating whole mice before he got the full nutrition from the veggies in the mouse gut. The Bat Eaters. What was that line from Shakespeare from Macbeth? In the cauldron boil and bake; Eye of newt and toe of frog, “Toe of frog!” “ Well if you had to eat the brew anyway, if you got the toe, it could be your lucky rabbit's foot. 

Something like the wishbone in a turkey.” Tom is writing his journal and he feels compelled to keep a record of the lives of the small people for history if it gets that far. I wish the whole thing would go away. Social distancing how would you people ever get over this. There would be a new dance that would involve a wooden spoon and a pot and a balcony like Romeo and Juliette. They would call it the roaring twenties.” 

Tom knew a first responder personally from his work taking pictures. Really Nice Guy family man Tom had known his father too. Everyday you worry about those people every time you pray. If this thing continued much longer the dollar standard would be based on toilet tissue. To wreak havoc on some developing careers. Tom wrote about the sound of music and the nun singing, `climb every mountain.” The part where she sings till you find a dream that will need all the love you can give, all the love you can give for the rest of your life. 

Where is a young person to find their dream when the world is shut down? The Banks were open. This was a good thing. It took courage for the employees to work in this environment. That was something you would expect from a bank and the post office and the national railway. Food stores remained open. The city's transit was kept running and the buses made their daily routes. It was good to see them. It had been proven that building one new subway stop in Toronto could in five years result in the payment of $50,000.00 in property taxes annually.

 These were one on one contact points that would allow the rebuilding of the economy outside the virtual world. It was very important, Tom wrote, that men stay grounded in a real world with land, people, flowers and real estate. The problem was the bank credit card rate was unfair in this time of hardship ten million in profits per quarter is a good round figure But the banks would hide that somewhere. They would say their nose too had been bloodied by the economic downturn. “It was a dangerous time to be old” Sam “was thinking of the expression “your young you can’t help it” well he could not help being old.” 

They would bring food to his room. Nothing fancy oatmeal for breakfast potato chips and a hot dog for lunch. The dining hall was closed. He had stockpiled food in his room. It would not last no bread cottage cheese tomatoes in his golden years he cried out to his god “Why have you forsaken me.” “Old people were the new social outcasts they were told to stay inside because they were vulnerable but the truth was nobody wanted to get sick from them.” Tom knew Sam and phoned him everyday. Tom writing again The trick was not to avoid getting trapped. Don’t get injured in any way. Avoid squealers Sam had got in trouble for leaving his retirement residents and going to a small grocery store. Someone from the store had phoned back to the residence. 

As a result Sam had been tested, Negative, but still he was subject to a twice daily temperature check. The President of the United States was talking about ways to normalize things again. That would allow bars to open in A limited way but the last people to be allowed to participate in economic recovery would be the old. Tom wrote noticed something else: the treatment of the homeless had changed. Used to be the homeless could find housing in a shelter for 26 day then could not come back for a year. It was a numbers game. That shelter was now closed it’s employees safe at home receiving benefits. There were people making money in this economy delivering food to peoples houses and maybe a little something on the side. They could add