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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Law Of Gravaty Page 24 Chapter 11

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The Law of Gravaty


into a black hole
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 Chapter 11 The lab The novel the Wall
copyright Phil Musgrave

Chen Wu was a girl, fast becoming a woman, originally from Chengdu, a City of fourteen million in China.

At age 17 she had arrived in Canada in the Summer of 2017, well before the outbreak on a student visa to obtain a PhD in Biological Engineering at The University of Guelph in Ontario Canada.

At this moment her time was divided into her duties as a Teaching assistant and her work research thesis on human CoronaVirus. She was brilliantly blessed with an intellect. That only a very few have posed in the history of the human race, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein. She was fluent in English and Chinese. Single, humble, but when she spoke at any time in either language.

There was an explosion of thought and ideas so profound that it was quite obvious to the ordinary. That her brain was operating on a higher level of consciousness. That was the world she lived in. it was a world between life and chemistry.

Of the virus the way she saw it there were two plans of attack. Whether to block the parasitic virus with chemistry when it attacks the cell, or adjust the DNA of the half life the parasitic virus. The question of what came first: the virus or the cell? It was the virus, but the question of the role of the virus in the evolution of life was a delicate one. Nobody wants to upset the apple cart by creating a DNA adjustment that in the end results in damage to any kind of living human cell.

The answer was somewhere and Chen wanted to find it before her study term was up and she would return to China. She was now sitting in front of a double screened computer in the lab on one screen she had written on a white board across the top the start of a venn diagram DNA, RNA, Lipids, Carbohydrates. Below she had written in English Dopamine The other screen was filled with math chemistry and algrimoms, and a third computer, a laptop chrome book, was fixed with many tabs across the top. Chen knew instinctively that if mankind was to survive to the next century the answer was not a vaccine. She was looking at cells in the human placenta that could block bacteria.

She had live samples in the lab under cultivation. She did not have samples of the specific coronavirus. That was currently scourging the world. As a pandemic. In her lab in a petri dish in growth medium she had 2 human placental cells and one Zoonotic cell taken from a bats intestine. Also some umbilical cord cells had been placed in a dish to study their reaction to human coronavirus.

The really interesting part for Chen was gene splicing.

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