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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Concerto in Classical Music

My sister is the sponsor of todays post she is the person who told me about Tune in Radio These people have a wild app that you can download to your Android. You can listen to radio from Washington DC and many more places including local stations. using this app. Everyone thinks when you want to listen to or buy classical music it can a real chore finding a piece you like. Wrong, I recommend the Concerto of any instrument.Mendelsohn's violin Concerto is just one example. Piano concerto get pretty wild. Try this one Prokofiev #2.How about the Flute, We recommend  Mozart

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Understanding Weather

At University I was took a science credit in Meteorology (the study of weather, not rocks from space) It was a fun course. I learned all about The types of Clouds and Temperature air pressure and fronts. Leaning about weather can be fun and can help you survive. Some people sing about it      You see have the mind of a General ist I know a bit about many things. A Specifist  on the other hand knows a specific subject very well. Here is an example of a man who knows his weather. So what I do here is use my mind to bring you to intellects greater than myself.

Video of how to map the atmosphere

Friday, 26 October 2012

Frank and storm

Give someone a treat. Make sure your loved ones are ok when bad storm come!
The big storm
This storm is coming. What will your costume be? I was wondering what kind of scary stuff to wright for Halloween well this will frighten the wimp in you. Make your self weak thinking about this storm. It is never as bad as they say. So let it ride. Then read this. Past storms This Halloween be nice to someone.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Will The Tigercats Play In Guelph

There are Other Options and Guelph University would have the meet a required criteria.The story started in June 2012 in the Guelph Mercury. The Cats will play their last game a the old stadium. Soon The Ivor Wynne is scheduled to be demolished to make way for the 2015 Pan-am Games new facility.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What Makes you happy

What Makes You Happy a fire-place, pet. How about just a hot bowl of beans or Happy Glasses I know they say you can be sad this time of year. The world’s favorite color can be gray that is why I like colorful clothing and colored lights and cozy comers and baby powder in the bed. I like to talk to people who understand I can’t afford winter sun destinations. I don’t brag. I try not to ask too much of the world.

Always remember a true Canadian can make weather fun the indoors can be fun too. Try to be happy with yourself and your lifestyle. I like watching sports. Even TV football is good. and the Movies are free at the Guelph Public Library.
Below I will try to list cheap fun thing to do.More stuff to read and laugh about

Naked Trees

Thursday, 18 October 2012

49 Year of SPEEDY AUTO SERVICE the Guelph Manager is Gary C Hein

snows on rims installed
Top up fluid
20 point check-up $39.99 (offer good till November 15th 2012)
Phone 519 823 5360
Location 228 Woolwich Street At the five points

Guelph Gryphon Football vs Queens

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Philto's Science Project - Links

What color is Monday blue, maybe yellow? What about Tuesday? This is a game but so is science Let your Imagination go with these links. What about bad science? Check this link out. Growing Algae to prevent global warming

Nasa Grows Veggies in Space
-Nasa Space Stories
-BBC Tech
-BBC Science
-Prehistoric life
-Prehistoric plants-

BOOK REVIEW Google What The Plus : Guy Kawasaki

About The Author

What The Plus Version 2.0
This book was a birthday gift, it will take me another 6 month to read it and a year to understand it. The presenter rebound the book to allow the pages to lie flat. A good Idea, this is a reference book, a useful instrument in the modern world of computing and understanding social media.

Links Form The Book
Chefs Hangout
A link about Taking good photos