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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Story Food In Heaven

Story Food In Heaven
To the left you will see the Spork, a utensil made for eating food in Heaven, you see God won’t allow forks in Heaven. What kind of food would you eat in Heaven. Well God does allow hand food like pizza. This is not hogwarts so there are not lines of saintly personages lined up at the great table. God allows you to eat in your room. Other foods on the menu include truffles, Homemade Ice Cream, Wine and Beer, snacks, Seafood and Steak, Fiddleheads, and Lobster.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

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Friday, 26 June 2015




Residential, Commercial, Industrial,

GUELPH KW-Cambridge

Movie Review Inside Out
This is a Disney Pixar production. I have never been fond of Pixar. This is however a wonderful exception. In the mind of a beautiful animated girl Riley. Joy gets lost and must be found. There is to Sadness, and Disgust, Anger and Long Term memory animated and brought to life. Then there is the train of thought. A delightful little story about family love, Mom and Dad and childhood.

Full Cast

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Canada Day Flag Guelph If Boutique

Women and Men's Footwear
42 Wyndham St N, Downtown Guelph
(519) 822-3880 

Our Website
Our Brands

Canada Day

Pole Ready flags are at Frank Valeriote's office Downtown Guelph right beside If Boutique. Frank Valeriote Constituency Office. 40 Cork Street East. tel: (519)837-8276 fax: (519)837-8443. ·
The Duck Race

Take the bus to the fireworks

At the Museum

Celebrations start on stage at 1pm and the fireworks at 9:45pm Riverside Park Guelph

Monday, 22 June 2015

Editorial Opinion Justin and Whatever

Editorial Opinion

They say that he’s too young for the fall election. The choices are like this. Harper is a vote for Jurassic World, And Mulcair The NDP guy is for Senate abolition. Not that the Mike Duffy’s of this world don’t need a kick in the behind. It might be that Senate reform is what we need. We need not grant absolute power absolutely. Think about warrantless search. Come to think of it that got through the Upper House. Yep! Legalized Pot has to be the answer to Senate reform too.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Movie Review Mad Max Law in Guelph

Barrister and Solicitor
22 Paisley Street Guelph Ontario N1H 2N6

Movie ReviewMad Max
I went to see this movie because it was recommended to me. I am still trying figure out why.
This movie is about a godless desolate world world run by gasoline brutality and water in that order. The only beauty is the female models, who look like they jumped right out of the pages of the SI swimsuit edition. Gasoline, Wheels, and tires, and guns, finally seeds and water in that order are all part of the storyline. The Hope that should spring for the seed and water is not there. The film is crude and ugly in places. Like minimalist art, this is the minimum a film can be without being vile. It is Uncivilized. Still, there is something about this picture that is interesting as a work of art;

Rotten Tomatoes

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Editorial Guelph Transit, Throw Granny from the bus

Editorial Opinion
Throw granny off the Bus, this is the attitude of some senior management at Guelph Transit. During rush hours Guelph Transit has been using non air conditioned buses on four hour split shifts..You put your pet dog in a hot car in a parking lot for fifteen minutes there will be consequences.. Guelph Transit drivers are asked to spend a four hour shift in busses without AC with.nothing but to little fans  Never mind the passengers, Last year I witnessed an elderly passenger take close to her last breath in one of these rides. Oh I have talked  to transit about this for three years. Maybe we should put their granny on a fifteen minute ride of chance. More Seniors are giving up their cars in favor of transit. what is the answer well according to Guelph transit Management, you open a window. Oops, this one is stuck. Sorry Granny off you Get.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Movie Review Jurassic World Edge Opticians Guelph

Opened This Year
Beautiful New Store
Expert fitting and adjustment, Progressives, Lens Coating, 
The Ultimate in German engineering
Unique Quality Frames  Direct insurance billing
55 Wyndham Street N  Shoppes at Old Quebec Street

Movie Review Jurassic World
No David Attenborough this a is a missing gap that tells, A man made monster from the nether world breaks free of it’s Paddock. Killing for sport, umm. Well no Spoiler alerts here, Jaws had nothing on these boys, The Alpha males get confusing. No it is not the same as the first one, more techy, More advanced, more teeth, and more science. good movie all round. Nice in 3D
No Small children.
Rotten Tomatos

Sunday, 7 June 2015

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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Multicultural Festival Riverside Park Guelph , Accounting in Guelph

CPA Guelph Ontario, Canada. Accounting, Payroll Income tax. 
300 Willow Road. Suite 104. Phone 519-836-4145 Web Site
When You Think Accounting: Think Of Keith

Editorial eddie alton 3 Things happen

Editorial Opinion
Things happen in our world because people want them to happen. Most poverty happens because people do not have the money to make ends meet. A huge percentage of disabled people spend their life in poverty. This problem could be helped by allowing people on ODSP to earn money. I know from personal experience that people on ODSP are highly motivated to work. Their way to success has been blocked be stupid government rules. More and more poor senior have come to depend on wellington county to help pay for dental work and medication that is not covered by the old age pension.
This society is told to give money to food banks and soup kitchens that were originally created as a stop gap measure.
Now we get back to eddie alton and his gang. One of his workers said to me that she would not tell, but if “they” found out  that I was spending any money on my wife’s medication “they” would want that money. The worker never explained who the “they” was. 
I am an honest person I won’t take money from the government money unless I need it. I have been known in the past to refuse money. I am still working at two Jobs and a caregiver to my wife.
This situation with eddie is costing taxpayers money. We have consulted a free lawyer. We have had one negotiator and now maybe two a taxpayer's expense. Any reasonable man would know the road to take.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Editorial Part 2 Eddie Alton

Editorial Opinion
Incompetent might be the word that comes to mind if I were to describe the management practices edie alton, and of the Wellington County Housing Department. because I had a phone conversation with eddie about this matter of Notice of Assessment being the Standard declaration of income for ODSP. Not only that there was plenty of grounds for comparison here, I am working and my wife is sick. This Method of income maintenance is right out of the fifties. The modern model is to encourage employment. This method saves taxpayers money and allows the less fortunate to participate in the community. If we are given emergency housing by Wellington County one year and then have it taken away the next certainly looks incompetent to me.

Movie Review, Love and Mercy - Brian Wilson, Guy Farb

Barrister and Solicitor

Movie Review Love and Mercy

This is not the story of the Beach Boys. It is a story behind the beach boys, and is one of this Summers must see movies.  This is a happy ending movie to a sad story about what went on behind the sunny songs of the Beach Boys. Love and Mercy is the title track to the Movie. 
The Story behind Brian Wilson  

Credit Brian wilson
Cast of Movie

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Editorial Taxpayers Money

Editorial  Opinion
Is this how you want your tax money spent?
How much of Guelph Taxpayers money Goes into Wellington County Housing. Guelph City Council has no say in how this money is spent, (an inheritance from the Mike Harris Years). Well as a taxpayer have you ever wonder why these bums in housing never want to work.
It is because Eddie Alton (he’s the guy in charge of housing for Wellington County housing), has his many Employees sitting at desks are sending out threatening for letters to make sure that everyone in housing declares every penny that these poor people make. even if the income is $20.00, and the income of their children.    

IF you're spending money your own hard earned money on your wife's medication yes we want to know about that money.

No We won’t evict you. We will take your rent assistance away. We know you have MS but your husband refused to supply the information we wanted.

Even though the Ontario Disability Support Program accepts the Notice Of Assessment as proof of income. The Wellington Housing has it’s own rules. (that may at times contravene the TAX  law of Canada.
Talk To Eddie

More Dinosaurs and Virgin Birth, Swan Moving




Residential, Commercial, Industrial,

GUELPH KW-Cambridge

Scientific America Dinosaur


A Virgin Brith

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Editorial Opinion Shot By Police

Editorial Opinion

When should police use deadly force?.On the news last night it was reported that a black Bear had been Shot By Police in Ontario, The neighborhood was in an uproar. Strange how the Guelph community has been very quiet in their response to a shooting of a sick man at the Guelph General hospital Emergency. Guelph Police should know that a hospital Emergency room is volatile by nature, and people are there because they think they can get help. If there is any place where actions and communication can be misunderstood it is in the Emergency ward. People can be in pain and screaming the can be in need of medication. No one feels safe when gunfire explodes at close range. Doctors and Nurses are at risk There should be other Options. Our Hospital should not be a war zone..