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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Movie Review Batman vs Superman DOJ


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College Royal March 19 - 20 
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All About Movies
Movie review Batman vs Superman
Dawn of Justice
We went to see this one in Mississauga the war between Batman and Superman Begins in very confused manner. It is hard to follow what's happening and what scenes add meaning to the story line anything. the second thing you Wonder is why Superman has lost his frontal cortex. This not only was his for his good looks but also his compassion and something is out of place here There is a cameo appearance Find Kevin Costner who played Some character in-stream of characters that parade across the screen I guess you have to have her at Marvel Comics to understand what exactly or who exactly the woman in it the movie was in the picture the music was the music was rather good. This is a fairly violent movie and you expect someone to die at the end. We won't play the role of spoiler here but I will say that young children may leave the movie crying for their hero. Batman Movies that never got made What Vox Had to say The battle between batman and superman is epic. Full Credits

Movie review 10 Cloverfield Lane
In the genre of , “psycho” this movie builds from a dramatic traffic accident, slowly and insidiously like the laying of the concrete blocks on the wall of the captive woman’s cage.

No this is a quite ordinary story until the paranoia enters the picture, then the murder then, the, the.
Well we won’t spoil it for you.
The picture plays the kind of mind games you would expect from a thriller. Music is good, but the effects are excellent and the acting is much more than adequate. Highly recommended viewing. full Cast and Crew.  Now here's The Spoiler Alert

Guelph Wellington Events
Our Visit to
College Royal
The college  Royal experience this  year was
a better than  previous years . There were of
course the Barnyard animals, Shaun the Sheep
etc . we started at the barns  Next Gryph N Grill and Facebook for
an impressive lunch, then into the bookstore for a new Easter bonnet.
The print sale.
At the exhibit 
for the birds we saw live birds
and felt feathers The final finale was square
dancing in  the gym here. we forgot to
mention the small racing cars done by the
department of engineering. The race team beat
out Waterloo you for 2 years straight.

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Special Olympics Come to Guelph In May This Link 

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