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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

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  • Eat and Drink Norfolk (April 7 to April 9 in Simcoe)
  • Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival (June 2 – June 5)
  • Dunnville Mudcast Festival (June 9 – June 12)
  • Salsa at Blue Mountain (June 17 – June 19)
  • Lighthouse Blues Festival (July 8 – July 10 in Kincardine)
  • Mount Forest Fireworks Festival (July 15 – July 17)
  • Hillside Festival (July 22 – July 24 at Guelph Lake)
  • TD Kitchener Blues Festival (Aug. 4 – Aug. 7)
  • Canada’s Only Guitar Trail (Sept. 10 in Blue Mountains)
  • Meaford Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival (Sept. 16 – Oct. 16)
  • St. George Applefest (Sept. 17 – Sept. 18)
  • Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show (Oct. 4 – Oct. 10 in Simcoe)
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest (Oct. 7 – Oct. 15)
  • Blue Mountains Apple Harvest Festival (Oct. 8 – Oct. 10)
  • Christkindl Market (Dec. 1 – Dec. 4 in Kitchener)
Guelph Events  
(Hillside at Guelph Lake July 22 - 24 2016)
Guelph Wellington Events
Google Listings Festivals
TD Music Blog TO Cheese Fest Thank giving day races
Preparing For St. Patrick
Hang Over Cure  Recipes Costume ideas LCBO Cocktails
15 st. Patrick's Day Marketing IDEAS
Last Year in Ireland  See the perfect Pint Videos
College Royal March 19 - 20 
Web Page Here
All About Movies
Movie Review London Has Fallen
This is an intense thriller with a plot that involves a terrorist group that manages to place many of the world's leaders in a combat zone. Add to that   
the story of a very likable but fictional American President who takes up arms alongside his bodyguard against the grim reality of multiple attempts on his life. This fictional Leader of the free world shoots and kills many people who are attempting to kill him.
He is then held prisoner and is to be the the victim in a live internet public beheading.
The movie end with pictures of  London being rebuilt as announcements are made to the effect that the terrorist threat has been shut down. The Film may not have anticipated the new crop of presidential candidate running in 2016   London has fallen Other Reviews

There are all kinds of ways to explore the movies for example The blind in the movies  handicapped people in a movie can present situation of  vulnerability and heightened attention Take the following example

Movie review Zootopia
Yea, Yea, the Sloths are Funny. It is however the bewildered beast that makes the show. he reminded me of some old hippie back in the day. 
Peter Mansbridge enters the picture playing Peter Moosebridge. 
There Was a cute little Song at the end sung by the a cartoon. (See Video Below) Disney got sophisticated with this one, and invented the carrot cell phone, it even had the bite out of it, which the bunny star of the film uses with great finesse. 
It’s Disney, it’s Pixar but it is fun, well developed animation and great 3D. The creative team for the film avoided the use of animated apes here's why
Make sure you stay right to the end of the movie the credits are funny too.   full cast.
Rotten Tomatoes top 100 list  IMDb List of top 100

Special Olympics Come to Guelph In May This Link 

The Food Section

  As you probably noticed the Black Dot communicator is a work in progress. Trying to find the right link to the right places that are meaningful is not always easy. have suggestions, you think you might be able to help us?
create a comment of your own and we will gladly edit it in  please feel free
send us  link  you value or community announcement. The Idea here is to keep, it all in one place.   

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Eclectic annual music and arts festival Kazoo! Fest returns for its 9th edition with a heavyweight lineup, drawing some of the world's finest and freakiest to Guelph, ON. Running April 6-10, across multiple venues, Guelph's downtown will host 40+ musical acts, alongside art installations, comedy shows, dance performances, and other oddball happenings.
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