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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Special Olympics in Guelph

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Join us for our home opener on May 7th 1:00pm. Be one of the first 100 fans and receive a Royals ball cap courtesy of Alliance Roofing.


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Tuesday, 17 May 2016




Why are Modern farm Tractor so Big


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What is this thing about Back Yard Chickens


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Editorial Opinion
Guelph Transit Making guelph a better place to live
A word about Guelph Transit,
In spite of the effect of cut backs and being a targeted for cuts in almost every budget. Guelph Transit is a shining example of how well a city can be served, not because the service is the best for the city.
It is that way because of the people who work for it. The drivers and office staff are kind and considerate, Always showing concern for the community they serve with pride.
Guelph is a City that need better transit and City Council should listen to the front line people. And the working people who had to cut a shift because of cuts to transit.
These people make Guelph a more decent place to live.
Our lives have been changed by these people. 
There is room for transit explanation 
a Guelph Lake route and an Airport route. 
Route changes should be made with the consultation of the Drivers. City council needs to listen to the drivers and the riders and make Guelph a better place to live.  
Transit History Guelph Transit App. Guelph Transit Next Bus Website  On Twitter Guelph Transit 
Guelph transit holiday service is Monday
Our Earth And Space

Editorial Opinion 



Join us for our home opener on May 7th 1:00pm. Be one of the first 100 fans and receive a Royals ball cap courtesy of Alliance Roofing.


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Guelph Gryphon News
The commitment and recent signing of Georgia QB Zach Buchan is probably the most interesting recruiting story of  this off-season. Buchan may not be the first “American” signee in recent years [Ray Bahr and Marcus Volpe come to mind], nor the …

  • June 10, 11 & 12 at the 
  • Riverside Park in Guelph
  •                        Guelph Multicultural
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Special Olympics Come to Guelph In May This Link 

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Movie review Captain America civil war

Can’t say as I'm into comics that much, this portrayal of Captain America and his cohorts is definitely Civil War.  Everybody is picking up on everyone else even Spider-Man is recruited to the fight. It's colorful movie the soundtrack is simple effective the effect Are quick exciting and the movement through the plot is simple.  It is decided that Captain America and his friends must limit Collateral damage. To help control this sometimes the good guy are jailed but in the end it all works together ending in the search for the Winter Soldier cast and crew

Movie review The Huntsmen
Children's movie? maybe not. There is significant Violence even though the story Mentions Snow White there is really nothing about the 7 Dwarfs. The costumes exquisite and music pleasant. The special effects were outstanding and met with the story.
The storyline is not the original  Fairy Tail   Cast and Credits

The Huntsman are an army of soldiers trained from childhood put together by wicked ice Queen of the north who advances and army on her sister. Who is also fairly wicked. The mirror on the wall goes 3d the become a person. Just like any fairy tale love abides Costumes and Wardrobe

Movie review Mother’s Day

This of those Hollywood efforts where money I seems to be no object. These people are swimming in it. even the a young couple with the baby runs into money They have time to examine every little detail in their life. The storyline is an examination motherhood to the nth degree, Mothers in a variety of relationships a gay couple, a mixed-race marriage, And a mother who is adopted. Events in this movie are believable only if you live as upper middle class. The work does have merit, the acting is good, excellent at times and the flick is exciting to watch very colorful somewhat like Fat Greek Wedding 2 in the nature. The introduction young cast members with a mix of older more mature actress and actors makes for the kind of social statement that has meaning. The picture is happy, and the music and soundtrack are rather interesting. Full credits Garry Marshall Director

Movie review The Jungle Book
I Love the new versions as much as the old but for different reasons.
The animation is better in the new then the old.
Some of the song have changed in the new version I like The Monkey Song  in digital 3d In the most recent release it’s pretty epic especially with the animated big ape.
There is some stunning live animation in this new film.
The boy (Neel Sethi) in the recent film is real, and everything around him is animated. Unlike the First version that is a cartoon.
Below is a YOUTUBE  version of the original bare necessities cartoon song. I think is better than the new version. Full Credits Neel Sethi

Movie review My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

A Beautiful Portrayal of family love and connection My Big Fat Greek wedding two, is a motion picture worth the time it takes to watch. The movie centers around the Greek Orthodox wedding Ceremony. Directed by   Kirk Jones The Film’s best scene is of the wedding which is patanined in the foreground by another couple in the story. One of the stars of the film is, (and there are many), is Elena Kampouris who plays Paris. This is a complicated storyline with complicated characterization, quite funny in spots The cast also includes Andrea Martin from SCTV Fame Full Credits

Movie review 10 Cloverfield Lane
In the genre of , “psycho” this movie builds from a dramatic traffic accident, slowly and insidiously like the laying of the concrete blocks on the wall of the captive woman’s cage.

No this is a quite ordinary story until the paranoia enters the picture, then the murder then, the, the.
Well we won’t spoil it for you.
The picture plays the kind of mind games you would expect from a thriller. Music is good, but the effects are excellent and the acting is much more than adequate. Highly recommended viewing. full Cast and Crew.  Now here's The Spoiler Alert

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Poetry Corner
Heavenly Hash
I tried to be a good man
I wasn’t really bad
But when I met St.Peter
He said take out the trash

The thought did pass that he
Ment me and i was going down
Then came the commanding voice
Gate 12 other side of town

He pointed with a finger
A hallmarked gates 2-16
2 was lesser sinner
3 was dogs and cats
12 of course was trash

So now I work gate 12
Throwing out the heavenly trash
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