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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Food trucks and ART Good

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Baseball and food trucks


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Movie review The Jungle Book
I Love the new versions as much as the old but for different reasons.
The animation is better in the new then the old.
Some of the song have changed in the new version I like The Monkey Song  in digital 3d In the most recent release it’s pretty epic especially with the animated big ape.
There is some stunning live animation in this new film.
The boy (Neel Sethi) in the recent film is real, and everything around him is animated. Unlike the First version that is a cartoon.
Below is a YOUTUBE  version of the original bare necessities cartoon song. I think is better than the new version. Full Credits Neel Sethi

Movie review My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

A Beautiful Portrayal of family love and connection My Big Fat Greek wedding two, is a motion picture worth the time it takes to watch. The movie centers around the Greek Orthodox wedding Ceremony. Directed by   Kirk Jones The Film’s best scene is of the wedding which is patanined in the foreground by another couple in the story. One of the stars of the film is, (and there are many), is Elena Kampouris who plays Paris. This is a complicated storyline with complicated characterization, quite funny in spots The cast also includes Andrea Martin from SCTV Fame Full Credits

Movie review The Huntsmen
Children's movie? maybe not. There is significant Violence even though the story Mentions Snow White there is really nothing about the 7 Dwarfs. The costumes exquisite and music pleasant. The special effects were outstanding and met with the story.
The storyline is not the original  Fairy Tail   Cast and Credits

The Huntsman are an army of soldiers trained from childhood put together by wicked ice Queen of the north who advances and army on her sister. Who is also fairly wicked. The mirror on the wall goes 3d the become a person. Just like any fairy tale love abides Costumes and Wardrobe


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