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Sunday, 31 July 2016

American Politics Dinos

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Editorial Opinion

Photo Credit From Below But I like the
Huffington Post post one better

After reading this Article
I worte the Poem.

Bump on head
Take a Lump
Gump no forest
New to you not to me
Here Comes Trump
Let’s be Brief

Well, Lob me across the tennis court. It’s the Donald in 3D
Anyone have the cardboard cutout that you can dress up
Or the doll who say just call me president. This guy could make money just running for president,  and the only thing Hillary gets is the bobble head doll. America will vote the great pretender into office. Canadians will keep calm and carry on with Mr Trudeau, The ante Trump or is that the pope who is Gun control? The Almyer Fubb is ambassador to North Korea, Yes our world is changing
CLICK Here 3D Donald Credit

He are more Cartoons

Editorial Opinion

Understanding American Politics

To understand the electoral college from a Canadian Perspective is a bit disconcerting, the fact that the American way of voting does look to be more complex and less representational, than the canadian system . Something cries out to make the system less complex. The fact that this year, there will be more mail in votes cast than ever before. This may leave the public waiting for the final result for days after the polls close.

If we use the Canadian example of Chrystia Freeland being touted in the media as the first female evey to hold the cabinet post of finance minister. The question is. Is she Qualified? The same logic must hold true for those running for office south of the boader.

At this point the woman on the democatic ticket standing for vice President, Kamala Harris, has the remote chance of becoming the first woman, and woman of color to be president of the United States Of America. IS SHE QUALIFIED to run the country? 

There are many people who speak of Joe Biden being old. Can old people still be President and be old? in the time of pandemic panic. What politician can lead America to the it’s best destiny. 

The conclusion is: the color of your skin, or your age doesn't matter. Just demonstrate you are capable of getting us out of this mess. So far considering the options Donald Trump is still very much in the game. 

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