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Thursday, 28 July 2016

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Movie Reviews

Movie review Star Trek Beyound

This is a movie worthy of any Tekie's attention; it has all the real stuff and the acting and the music and some really crazy wild effects. Beautiful memorable images stick in your mind. The outpost is a thing of beauty and as in all trek stories hope is never abandoned and always won. It is about another planet and an enemy of the federation. There is an old spaceship named Franklin. Oh, and the famous line, “anytime now Sulu”. New female Added Actors death changes Movie Cast

Movie review Central Intelligents

So This is an adult movie not by rating, by hourmor and the depth of subtlety There is the physical aspect and the simple plot line. This is a funny happy movie with gunplay where no one really get hurt. The flick has a thing with adult problems and feelings. This comes across well in the big screen format.  The music fits in and the acting is rather good. The jokes are good and funny Cast and Crew

Movie review The secret life of pets

So your boy wants the rabbit as his choice from the movie no need to worry this is one mean rabbit. He is the leader of the discarded and unwanted gang of pets that roam NY at will. This is a fun movie, very colourful, the animation is believable and the storyline is good but the pet humor is great and the voices fit. The story centers around a dog who strays and a stray dog. Who become buddies and the rest is history   Cast and Crew

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Movie review BFG

Steven Spielberg

Rather! This is about a British girl whose circumstances mean she lives in an orphanage. She dreams of a friendly Giant. The giant is however not a hero but a recuse project of his own, A victim of bullying but his larger kin who refer to him as a runt. Big Friendly Giant is a collector of dreams. His compatriots have cannibalistic tendencies. The british army goes to war against the cannibals and puts them away with the help of her good Majesty and the (spoiler alert) corgis. This is another movie where flatulence is fun.

Cast and Crew    The Book and Writer     

Movie review

The Free State Jones

Matthew McConaughey

Reaches right off the screen and grabs you with his characterization of Newton Kight. This movie is a little ambitious in its effort to covers an expansive time frame and include the civil war and the story of Knights descendance in Soho. However everything about this film is ambitious and it all comes up A+ Mahershala Ali is perfectly cast to play the mosses, a runaway slave. Those two names alone should be an attention grabber, But the flick also has superior cinematography and a very well written script.

Movie Plot Cast and Crew History of Newton Knight

Movie review

Mutant Ninja Turtles

There is more mucus in this movie than both Mutant and Turtles, definitely teenage. Then there is this Yoda Rat. Those are the good guys, the bad guys black hooded ninjah a walking pair of scissors and a slimeball head that lives in a can. The plot lies like a pool of goo on the floor. There is a good deal of flatulence too. Your boyhood is coming to an end, say the wise rat.

This is the time when the turtles gain social recognition and get to fly coaches instead of cargo.  90 Photo Full Cast and Crew

Movie review

Finding Dory

Dory is a fish, a cartoon fish. In a Pixar Disney Production. The showing reviewed here had another little film in front of it about a sandpiper. So it might be worth getting in for the showing a little early. It is worth keeping the 3D glasses on for a little post credit adventure. That said, the story of this animated tale about Dory a fish lacking short term memory. Other characters include a blind shark, a neurotic whale, two striped fish and well Dorys balding father fish and of course the Octopus Very Well animated.

Cast and credit   

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