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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Chapter 30 The WALL Page 49



THE WALL Chapter 30 The Lucky and the Few

A writing of fiction copyright Phil musgrave

Tom is writing a list of ideas that he is thinking would be good additions to his novel that he wants to write.

He puts pen to paper and writes.

1.Contact tracing through bus passes, Student campus safety apps. 2. Alarmist New reporting, No, Who, What. When, Were and Why. 3.Then he would show how the poor would have less access to higher levels of education. 4.Social Services remains a failure for the thousands of homeless and metally ill left on the street. 5.Transit refused block funding from University all across the province. 6.The car is king agian. Warm in winter and cool in summer. And you can pick up fried chicken at the window of KFC. Tom would discuss these points with Sam on the phone later.

Chan had gone home. She had left behind a world of hate where the Chinese were very careful about what they did, where they went and what they said. This country Canada that she had made her second home for a while did not want the Chinese. Prejudice is very hard to understand and very painful. She had left behind her the seeds of Hope. Interferon alfa-2b, a drug developed in Cuba was being used effectively in China”

She had also left a note on her desk about Cody and his colony of misfits and how they had managed to treat Covid 19. The Cody camp had used traditional treatments to keep the illness under control without social Isolation.

In a final personal report she wrote “I loved being in Canada, but after covid 19 was became noticeable. Around April 2020, It became very difficult for me as a Chinese person to live here.”

“Canada is a good county,” but it is not mine. I wish at this time to point out that Cody’s colony treated covid 19 because they had to; they could not take their people out of the community for fear of being trapped.”

“These people did not self Isolate and they were forced to TREAT covid19. It is here that the difference between treatment and cure must be noted. An effective treatment can reduce exposure to the virus, just as a healthy immune system can ward off infection." "I believe Cody colony found these assumptions to be true. refusing to wear masks”. wearing a mask would as they see it would be an infringement on their civil liberties and a profaning of their faith in God. as everyone now knows Cody’s community hospital has had a very good success rate in treating Covid 19.

I think historians of the future will tell us that contact tracing and 14 days of Isolation is a primitive way to control a disease. The Cubans are highly motivated to bring this disease under control. It would be nice to have the tourist back. Again here I will mention the cuban drug Interferon alfa-2b, I think it has great potential. Thank you for giving me the Opportunity to study at your school,” Chan.

Tom has again visited his bank and written his observations in his notebook, “ in a heatware people are lined up outside it has been very difficult to run any kind of business banking in this environment have these people forgotten customer relations.” “Everything is moving to more and more online shopping and stores are closing as a result. Prices are going insane.” Now Tom Pauses for a minute, Then writes


“I think it might have been better to have treated this thing as a super flue” but for the virus it looks like a win win either way. Comparing it to the marks on the skin that still seem to be showing up on University Campuses. They could be treated with magnesium chloride balm. If you got the spots, your employment changes were zilch. There has to be a more sensible rational way of behaving then running away from a germ like a little girl from a frog.” Grem are part of life and death. There will be more Germs. We cannot put the whole country on welfare every time something new comes along. Then at the bottom the page Tom wrote a question mark And…… help me Lord I am confused.”

All content Copyright Phil Musgrave