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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Gryphon Cheerleaders BC



























Chapter 25 Black Lives Matter of the Wall a work of fiction Copyright Phil Musgrave 

Sam watching the News CNN was an addiction for him, and he understood very well that at eighty nine years old young people would see his life as lacking potential. Then again if black lives matter, why should not old people’s? He could understand that there were some deep emotional feelings around the world that inequity must be brought under control. Change was happening again in this world. There was more to this than black lives. It was more like a hunger to allow all lives to reach their full potentual. This mostly peaceful uprising all over the world could be a revolution. A hunger for justice. The reaction of the American government to bring in the army to quell demonstrations had been met with very negative opposition, the fear being the total loss of the democratic prosses. So the protests had continued for two weeks. “Was it.” Sam “thought “that as the world population grew people felt their lives were less significant.” 

Sam thought about childhood dreams, “I want to be a ball player, a truck driver, an engineer, policeman, fireman, pilot, Some people want to have a happy life with a home, a wife and a cottage. Sam had heard somewhere that at this time in history almost 70% of white Americans Had a home. and 43% of black Americans were homeowners. 

Sam was falling asleep, something he did more often since he was semi confined to his room because of the pandemic. Again he was looking for Bella and again he found her. As he pressed his head into her soft warm body, he asked, “why is my life not worth anything?” Bella answered in a strange way. “I cannot answer for the cruel acts of the people of your time. I only know my time and my world. Sam “ In your timeline things are going to change very fast there is much frustration with people feeling their lives are wasted.” “The virus has caused job loss and great disruptions in school based learning the ones at the bottom of the economic cycle single unemployed homeless men” will hurt the most.

What should be understood here Sam is that people in your timeline are already changing the government. The police have a role to play in government just like the Press and even the banking system. You mess with the government too much there is the possibility of anarchy.” “That is why I am stuck in this timeline.
Where we live it is mostly in a virtual world. To get to this point in history because we first dismantled the real world shops to try to control this virus that only had a kill rate of 1.4% for the first time round in New York City. Of course we had five years of this stuff on and off, and because we did The economy went online and we got hyperinflation. The banks were unreachable and meaningless online shadows. Police forces were not only underfunded and ineffectual.” and we’re now only starting to regain our National Identity.”

 Fazer is talking to his daughter Emma on Zoom “ I told you not to go near the demonstrations. ” But Dad, some of Christopher's friends from the hockey team, were black and we marched in solidarity with them. “Look Emma” I don’t know where this is going. This refunding of the police is a very radical Idea. There may be trouble.

People have their living on hold right. now someone pressed the pause button. They are pent up and frustrated. We need to fix things in this world. Like Homelessness and job loss, having a safe place to live is where it all starts, but doing away with the police is not good.” “Dad they don’t want to do away with Police, We want a more Just and responsive police force. “Emma if you think about it you don’t really know where this is going, Police are what stand between us an anarchy.”

 “Dad, all good revolutions never had the answers in the beginning. The people just knew what they didn't want. No one knows what the ending is till you read through the whole book and you can’t skip a chapter because it won’t make sense.”
Fazer,“Emma I just don’t want any trouble”
“Fine Dad I won’t go to the marches anymore”
“Thanks Emma, that means something to me.
Now about that car of yours, you need a new piston?” “Yes I think that is what they said” “Just send me the bill”

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