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Friday, 30 September 2016

If Shoes War Games Page 37


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Page Nagivation
Fluffy Yellow Duck

Chapter 24 the fictional work "The Wall"

ROYAL Canadian Mint Art

Killer Robot

Origanal Art

The wall a work of fiction 

copyright Phil Musgrave BA

Chapter 24 War 

China had been making moves to take over Taiwan and in Hong Kong there was enforced chinese rule and there was also a border dispute with India that had been ongoing. The President of The USA Ronald Frump colloquially known as The Ronald. He was coming off a stunning electoral victory. Ronald had won a second term.

Roney had some strange logical thinking patterns at times, but he was no fool. His greatest leadership quality was decisiveness. He also followed through to make sure the job was carried out. 

He was a product of America at this time in history. Ronny Frump was the President for his time. At 73 Ronny was starting to show his age. That did not sink his titanic personality or hamper his ablies to rule a confused nation enveloped in a pandemic, and a fight with economic depression and racial inequality.

It was not a good time for the United States of America to go to war. However, as one well known economist once said, the cure for national economic depression is to wage war. The first signal of war was the expulsion of Chinese nationals from American soil. Donny had been given good advice. DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO GO NUCLEAR. We don’t want to lose any American cities. However Ronny had a reputation for not always taking advice.

The President had pressed hard for the readmission of Russian back into the G8 after Russia's expulsion for that country's actions in Ukraine some odd years before. He had won that point after the Prime Minister of Canada had softened his opposition to the proposal. In return for Canada’s agreement with the U.S.A. would allow an Chinese executive to be part of a prisoner exchange, two Canadians imprisoned in China for the executive held in Canada. The prisoner held in Canada was facing sedition charges in the United States. 

Roney was talking at a public rally, “I don’t like the Chinese, they started this, but Mark my words, America will finish it."

” China thinks We are weak but this is not true. We have weapons that the world has never seen before. We can make all the people in any city we choose disappear. Without touching the Infrastructure, Without touching the Infrastructure.”“We will use these weapons against China, If a peaceful solution cannot be found.” 

 It was a great rally for the political right in America. Nearly a million Americans were in attendance and nobody was social distancing. After the rally an elated Frump Marched off the stage. He heard a voice say. “Mr. President” “yes” It was Ian Vice, his press Secretary” 

“Sir you went off script again, I have asked you repeatedly not to endanger national security in that manner.”

 Ronny looked at Ian, a slender man in a blue suite. Whatever the thoughts ran through Frump's head at this moment, he chose to keep to himself, But he did speak,

“Ian you're fired.” 

 “Good Morning Google” said Tom, The voice from the speaker brought the news. “President Ronny frump died at 2 am this morning of a massive heart attack at home in his bed in the East Wing of the White House. The President who had just addressed a crowd of over a Million people on the grounds of the Washington Monument yesterday, was awake and conscious with his doctors and family present. The president was 74 years old."

  Tom let a thought slip through his brain. “Only the good dye young.”

Chapter25 is here


New weapons for 2020

Hypersonic Rockets 

Killer Robots

Video Credit Popular Mechanics see Killer
Robots link above 


 Original art work Phil Musgrave



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