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Friday, 21 October 2016

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Chapter 16 Fear 

Prime Minister John James had met with his virtual Parliament today. It had been decided that more money should be spent on students. To replace the Summer jobs they might normally have. The opposition leader Will Pen pointed out not enough was being done to screen people for double dipping and that records should be cross referenced with tax records. He used the example of a bank employee who although the branch was closed was getting paid because he was still at work. Then he was also claiming from the government pandemic relief fund.
Also in supplemental Pen had asked why this bank was closed. It was located in his constituency in the middle of town and small business owners had to go well out of the way to negotiate rent payments.
James reply was “he would look into it” The reaction was a large amount of virtual desk thumping. Done by activating the button one the pc screen marked, “thump desk” 

In truth though James had been quite concerned about the behaviour of the big banks and their reaction to the crisis. First he knew from his own experience that face to face communication was essential to the good transaction of commerce. Maybe that was old school but he thought it was relevant. Good communication and banking would be key features to economic recovery. Why was it that the food stores remained open and emergency workers were on the job hospitals and some doctors were on the job. taxi drivers Uber eats and transit. but banks were shutting down. 
James’s economic recovery needed an accessible banking system.
As far as the Prime Minister was concerned the big Canadian banks were positioning themself for a win-win situation. They had done nothing to lower interest rates on credit cards. Leaving the poor with an unrealistic interest rates of up to 19% This situation needed his attention. 
Among other matters on the mind of the Prime Minister was would there be a second wave of the virus? and how would the winter of 2020 2021 look? Let's face it the whole country was on welfare. Nobody was going to be walking to school or riding the yellow bus. Cities would minimize every budget expenditure including snow clearing.
Unless people started back to normal life soon. There would be irreversible damage done and major changes in lifestyle. 
It was the government that had brought this down on the population. It bothered John James that Canadians were so placid. In the States they were already starting to fight back. In Germany the government was acting to reopen the country and no one really knew what was happening in China.
Sam Davis went to bed on the 22nd of April 2020  looking for his angel and found her. He wanted to know why they had put his brain on a silicon chip. “Bella,” he whispered  and she answered “Yes Sam”  “Why did you take my brain?” “It was Necessary for human survival.” 
“How do you mean?” 
“ Well Sam the whole economy fell apart. Money does not exist. The worst of it was man fell into another dark age. 
He lost his ability to understand how to operate large complicated equipment like ships and airplanes and rockets. So it was all stored online.”
“That's why I am here. I am a virtual being” I was created by a very complex self replicating robot.” 
“The first action we had to take was to secure the power supplies.” 
“You see without it we don’t exist”
Sam “So where are the Humans? - What do you need me for?” Bella, “One question at a time. The other humans are scattered over the world. Some nations still have self government. Humans should have kept playing sports. The biological being needs to be active. It was the Isolation that did the most harm to humans.” You kept building better machines. Until we built ourselves and every machine was better than the next.”
“You abandoned your beautiful schools, you lost social skill and you became inactive. What did you think would happen?”                

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Movie Review

Movie review Jack Reacher NGB
The story of a drifting vet, the a liking for weapons and combat who suffers from PTSD meets a woman and frees her to chase down a weapons cartel bringing drugs into the country. There is a macho story of the love of a family on the run all mixed up with New Orleans carnival.     
Movie review The Accountant
Not Your standard CPU This guy is hired to find out where the money is gone. A monetary shell game, he must find the shell with the money under it. This accountant was Autistic as a child like certain art pieces and hitting himself with a stick when thing go wrong I liked this movie because the Renoir painting in the film and Some the music  

Movie review Snowden

A true Story about a highschool dropout who went back to school to learn computers who became famous for leaking sensitive government information because the thought it was moral duty to do so, well even a high school dropout deserves a second chance but this man had quite a few Sowden made the choices he thought would be necessary to have concerns properly addressed. people are not robots However an oath of secrecy should be exactly that, People, Companies. and countries, and have a right to secrets.  He who blabs is still a tattletale whether he gets the teacher's approval or not The movie was an objective  portrayal of a man  conflicted. The storytelling is objective and does not pass judgement one way or the other acting was very good good sound effects and very good visual effects. Cast  More


Movie review Deep Sea Horizon

A true Story about the big B.P. oil rig fire In the gulf of Mexico. 11 People Died. As well as The Loss of Human life. The environment devastated at one point a oil soaked pelican hits the deck hard to die before the eyes of a ships crew. The Clean Up. The Moviemakers involved the ear of the audience  In the screen story. There is alway a line of truth in hollywood tales This show might have been better if it had focused more of the accounts of the people who were there rather than a generalized story, Harvard Press.
Movie review The Magnificent Seven68032-1-.jpg

This film is about timing and what weapons are brought to play, and what time in the fight. This is a remake 2 previous versions of the same plot
Guns, Knives, and even small Hatches are used as killing weapons in this story of the wild west brought to justice. Denzel washington is better in this role he has matured   Picture credit

Movie review The Wild Life
The animation in this film is superb even in 3D no little detail is left out

The story line is iffy. Vincent Kesteloot and Anthony Leveque Have there names on the artwork. The ally cats are the villains of the piece It is great children's movie. Cast and Crew

Movie review Sully
Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks make this film hot viewing. You can actually read the directing style of Eastwood in the film the subtly beginning the Challenging middle and an end that ties it all together. Eastwood points out what might have been Eastwood understand the value of a good bright canvas The acting of Tom hank was superb and he carries through the with story of the great american hero.Tom Hanks And the Captain

Movie review Mechanic Resurrection
Loud Movie, lots of Gun fire and Rio again, well at least it starts there

Then the Africa then on to Bulgaria But along the way there a swimming pool some nice and nasty females and a surprise ending. The big name fast paced actors are there, bright picture and nice action scene. Cast and Crew Other Reviews

Movie review  WarDogs

So the theory is that if you give out consolation prizes the system works better that is how two young men became arms dealers and, very rich The music for this movie is fantastic  just not enough of it The technology matches the time Flip Cell etc.. Accurate depiction who know. But it all fall apart when someone does not get paid’ Cast The true story
Movie review  Florence Foster Jenkins

Was that howard from BIg Bang Theory playing opposite Meryl Streep
A woman who is sick and cannot sing the world has no place for. “ I could not sing but I did sing” and she did find a place in the world. The stands of a beautiful love story tie the ribs of the plot together. Simon Helberg
Shows quite a musical touch at the piano. Hugh Grant plays with finesse and  But Meryl Streep is consomate playing the lead role of jenkens Another viewpoint                       Faces Real and Imagined

Movie review  Jason Borne
Lots of Razzle Dazzle tech big screen wow and pop. A rogue former agent of the the pentagon Jason Bourne has be modified he is after the man who can tell him why, CIA Director Robert Dewey (played by Tommy Lee Jones
After his elimination Borne again becomes a target and leaves the plot line open for a sequel as he walks out of it all. A History Of Jason Cast The Borne Franchise                                       
Movie review Ice Age Collision Course

Not much need a for god when scrat the squirrel is rounding up the q balls of the universe It is every mammoth for himself  There is even a parody on the movie The Fly when the squirrel is rearranged in different patterns with his nut in the confinement  of a transporter. As usual family wins but there is the Lama Deli Lama Drama  using a magnetic of Rock to save the planet the dinosaurs and themselves. the mammoths win the game but what did the squirrel do on mars. very very funny movie lots of depth. Ha. ha.  Trailer

Movie review Star Trek Beyound
This is a movie worthy of any Tekie's attention it has all the real stuff and the acting and the music and some really crazy wild effects. Beautiful memorable images stick in your mind. The outpost is a thing of beauty and as in all trek stories hope is never abandoned and always won. It about another planet and a enemy of the federation. There is an old spaceship named Franklin. Oh, and the famous line, “anytime now Sulu”. New female Added Actors death changes Movie Cast

Movie review Central Intelligents

So This is an adult movie not by rating, by hourmor and the depth of suttlety There is the physical aspect and the simple plot line. This is a funny happy movie with gun play where noone really get hurt. The flick has a thing with adult problems and feeling. This comes across well in the big screen format.  the music fits in the acting is rather good. The jokes are good and funny Cast and Crew

Movie review The secret life of pets
So your boy wants the rabbit as his choice from the movie no need to worry this is one mean rabbit. He is the leader of the discarded and unwanted gang of pets the roam NY at will. This is a fun movie very colourful the animation is believable and the storyline is good but the pet humor is great and the voices fit. The story centers around a dog who strays and a stray dog. Who become buddies and the rest is history   Cast and Crew

Movie review BFG

Steven Spielberg

Rather! This is about a British girl whose circumstances mean she lives in an orphanage. She dreams of a friendly Giant. The giant is however not a hero but a recuse project of his own, A victim of bullying but his larger kin who refer to him as runt. Big Friendly Giant is a collector of dreams. His compatriots have cannibalistic tendencies. The british army goes to war against the cannibals and puts them away with the help of her good Majesty and the (spoiler alert) corgis. This is another movie where flatulence is fun.
Cast and Crew    The Book and Writer     
Movie review The Free State Jones

Matthew McConaughey

Reaches right off the screen and grabs you with his characterization of Newton Kight. This movie is a little ambitious in its effort to covers an expansive time frame and include the civil war and the story of Knights descendance in Soho. However every thing about this film is ambitious and it all come up A+ Mahershala Ali is perfectly cast to play the mosses a runaway slave. Those two names alone should be an attention grabber, But the flick also has superior cinematography and a very well written script.

Movie review Mutant Ninja Turtles
There is more mucus in this movie than both Mutant and Turtles, definitely teenage. Then there is this Yoda Rat. Those are the good guys, the bad guys black hooded ninjah a walking pair of scissor and a slimball head that lives in a can. The plot lies like a pool of goo on the floor. There is a good deal of flatulence too. Your boyhood is coming to an end say the wise rat.

This is the time when the turtles gain social recognition and get to fly coach instead of cargo.  90 Photo Full Cast and Crew
Movie review Finding Dory
Dory is a fish, a cartoon fish. In a pixar disney Production. The showing reviewed here had another little film in front of it about a sandpiper. So it might be worth getting in for the showing a little early. It is worth keeping the 3D glasses on for a little post credit adventure. That said, the story of this animated tale about Dory a fish lacking short term memory. Other characters include a blind shark a neurotic whale two striped fish and well Dorys balding father fish and of course the Octopus Very Well animated.
Cast and credit   

Movie review Moneyball
Twenty wins in a row is a record for MLB and that record is held by the Oakland Athletics. The film Moneyball starring Brad Pitt is the hollywood version of this epic saga. Is this story fact or Fiction . Quoting from google search I got this The Streak, in fact, was a microcosm of the 2002 season, when the A's won 103 games and the American League West. Oakland hit 205 home runs that year, fourth in the league. Shortstop Miguel Tejada hit 34 home runs, in addition to batting .308/.354/.508, and was named the AL's MVP.(credit google) There were longer winning streaks. It the math the counts in the movie story and it’s is fun to watch all the guy shoot the gaff about player performance it's a good movie to watch at home.  The true story Cast and Crew

Movie review Zero Dark Thirty
Based on a true story  this is a home movie about Osama Bin Laden, and waterboarding and other truth extracting methods used by the good guys after 911. 5 academy award nominations. Winner best actress. Brutally frank about collateral damage and how difficult it is to actually find and kill a terrorist in hiding.The True Story  Full Credits

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