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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

William Winegard University of Gueph turn 50 Page 21


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University Turns 50 

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Chapter 23 The visit 
John James the Prime Minister of Canada was being visited by two shadow-like persons, who had entered his study den late that night, by-passing security. The persons were talking to him. “My Name,” he said, “is Eeance, do not call out I will not hurt you.” “Why are you here?” “How did you get in?” Eeance speaks again,” Never mind that, I must talk to you. 
At this time I am visible to all leaders of the world and will be speaking in their vernacular. I bring you a message of hope, wisdom, and sorrow. I come from what you know as space, But only because you put me there. Your space programs and willingness to risk has allowed man to live on the Moon and Mars. So, no I am not God, God is likely far more beautiful. 
I am a product of your evolution. About one hundred generations in your future. John James was running his eyes up and down the figure before him. He did look like a King of sorts. He wore gold everywhere on his person. He dressed with distinction and discretion. 

He wore a red tie and glowing white shirt and jacket. He seemed of mixed racial origin. Chinese maybe with deep brown skin. He was recognizable as human. I see you looking at me so I will introduce my better half Her name is Chellander 

Chellander was now speaking; “You must pray, in humility you must pray to whatever God you believe in” Eeance was talking again “pray about the pain and suffering in your world.”  “You see me now only as a shadow dressed in the fine clothes of your culture. In your world, We are only a possibility, linked to your world by the threads of time. In Our world, time is an element of the universe we are learning to manipulate. 

 Now Chellander speaks again. “In your time, you should know by now that the world is fragile. Humans have been given power over many things and as we evolve we are supposed to get smarter.” 

Eeance continues “remember I am talking to you all at the same time. The human intellect is a gift from God. never make the conceit of belief that it belongs to you or any one of God's gifts. I am young yet I am much older that you. If you are smart you respect older people. Education is good because it builds on the knowledge of the people who went before you. Study History, Mathematics, Science and Art, but always remember the world that touches your skin is the real one.”

 “In our World, the world that will hopefully be your future we still worship God as the first creator. Even if we can manipulate time. We know enough about God to show him the respect he deserves. The intellect of man cries out to be educated. Intelligent, Compassion, and Tolerance some of the gifts given to us by God.” This planet you walk on is a gift through time. You must be gentle with it. Also you must love each other. What we have found is this is a very hard thing to do. Love must not come with conditions. (Like I care for all the white people in the world but not so much the Black, or Yellow.)” “I am from your possible future. I know the pain it will cause if all people are not allowed to participate and given their adequate share.” 

“There are reasons to fight wars, anything is better than total war at this time in our history. War must evolve to better things. We in the future are proud of our military, and we use it with discretion.” You will note here that I used the word Our because You People now on earth have an obligation to the future. we are your children. “I cannot tell you how the future of mankind looks because you must make it Yourselves. I have come to you now to tell you this is a time of crisis to warn you not to destroy the future of Mankind. This is one of those times of great change when mankind might lose his focus on the future. I cannot change the course of history. You people can. 
I must say this before I go. “Risk is what life is all about, but if you act in a stupid manner and destroy your world. We your children will remain unborn. Remember the act of creation is hard, the act of selfish destruction is easy. Humanity has a culture that must be carried forward for one generation to the next. In my world this year, the World Series will be played indoors on the moon. May you live long and prosper. Good Bye Mother and Father for my sake I hope you do ok” The figure has now left the Prime Minister. He is again alone in his den. Link to Chapter 24 War ________________________________________________________________________________



























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