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Friday, 4 November 2016

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Chapter 14 Good Morning

“Hey Google Good Morning” sometimes whenTom said those words he would think of the Star Trek 1V "The Journey Home. Instead" of, “computer computer” Scottie should have just said “Hey  Google'' instead of trying to address the machine though it's mouse.

Google, “Hi Tom This is the News I am Louse Lane. Canadian, Doctor Ramsdom ollie, reported today that the Canadian health care system is losing the fight against Cancer. Due to lack of early detection. People are procrastinating going to get tests. Dental work, cataract surgery and knee surgery have all been put on hold or held back Because of the Pandemic.”

“This slow down in services is mostly affecting those between the ages of 55 and up. This is yet another slap in the face for the older members of Society. Older people are not taking the risk of seeing a doctor when they are afraid of getting the virus.” 

“We also have found that a stay at home order is more likely to impact the mental health of students of all ages and the smaller the living space the greater the risk to mental health.                                              
Some environments are not safe and a potential risk. In some city neighbourhoods the street infrastructure is outdated and could cause e coli to leak into the water supply. Some apartment buildings have mold problems. Any risk to health especially respiratory health will eventually find its way to a frontline worker” 

Tom is listening to a television evangelist
“We must come to understand we are in this together. Jesus said, “whatsoever you do to to the least of my Brother that you do unto me.
Tom like many others was looking for the answer why? 
He had met a woman recently and asked her what she thought of God. Her answer was this “If there is a God, he is a misogynist conceited and Curl, I mean what kind of a God. would send a plague like this to his people?

Tom had never been much of a church goer but his faith and belief in God was strong. He believed in a creator. He was of the Christian faith so he believed the son of God became man. Then in Tom’s mind there was the Question of time and place and parenthood. We did not have any say in who our parents were or the time and place of our birth. Those Choices were made for us. Without our consent. Therefore you ask am I glad I was given life?
On a warm summer day with the sun on your face a kite in the air. Something on the BBQ and music, of course you're glad to be alive. 

If you live in the slums of some big city you can barely make the rent and the heat is not good and you're cold and hungry. You may want to ask God why he made life so unfair.

Tom’s dead wife had Progressive MS but in the end Died of Cancer. not one time did he hear her ask, “God why me?”

He had watched her move from a wonderful pretty young lady of 21 slowly over the years to a shadow and then death. 
He had accepted it as God's will. Now as a senior citizen he knew what God wanted was for him to love other people the best he could. That was God's currency, Love.

Understanding that at the same time God expects man to work and try to make the world better. Tom thought that God must be proud of man.

The Television was still on and the holy man was talking.
“God does not want us to be afraid of anything. Look at what man has done. We have survived and conquered  the very many obstacles. Why would we suddenly run away from the virus?

God did not say there would be no suffering or pain on this earth. He did not say we would not grieve when a loved one dies. God did not place the elderly in long term care God did not build hospitals. God set men free and told them to love on another.
Tom now turns off the TV

Chen was in her lab this same Sunday morning 
She had received a shipment of live placental tissue.  she could study the changes to cell walls under viral attack.
Keeping in mind that this was God's creation and viruses had a history and a big part to play in the evolution of life. The virus was on earth before the cell. Any misinterpretation of this relationship or misunderstanding of data, could lead to the creation of a molecular frankenstein, a freak of nature.
Chen knew the viral activity was involved in the creation of the placenta. There was the fact that the mother's immune system was blocked by this mother Child Creation. It seems the implantation of the placenta into the womb is made possible by an ancient retrovirus. 
As far as Chen could understand the behaviour of the virus that was causing the pandemic was to cause respiratory failure that comes as the lungs fill the fluid as part of the body's immune response to the virus.  

Chen’s approach would be to stop the virus from penetrating the wall of the cell. The secret might be found in the mother baby barrier. It would be unacceptable to have the world wait with baited breath for a vaccine every time a new coronavirus eather mutated or became known as new to the world. That was old school, what was needed here was prevention not treatment. Although for the time being treatment was all there was to offer.               

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