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Saturday, 19 November 2016

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The Wall Chapter 22 Sport; This is a work of fiction copyright Phil Musgrave.

It was Chris who first brought it up in a conversation with Emma. “I miss hockey,” It was a quiet statement but Emma understood, Part of this man she was with was a talented hockey player. Not only that he was happier playing the game, both of them were avid fans, both liked to be physically active. He had a talent for hockey. Maybe not NHL caliber but it was in his blood. Even though they were riding their bikes more often. She had seen him cry, more often lately his personality was changing.

Chris was thinking about the discipline of varsity hockey. The team was at the rink warming up hours before the game started. He had hockey in his life starting at the age of 4 after school in grade school. The Peewee Mustangs, his stick was too big and he was not so good skating backward, but he always slept well at night. In grade school he and Robert were power forwards and by grade 8 they had both beefed up enough to make the Junior B.
“found this flyer” said Emma “It is all about designer masks.” “Hockey masks?” said Chris. “No silly, a Covid Mask, Maybe I should get one for Shopping it seems to be a fashionable thing to do.”
“You do that and I won’t be seen anywhere in public with My friends who think you have the virus and won’t come near me. If you want you can wear my hockey mask.” “Chris I will assume you are being facetious.”
“Get one with red polka dots and it will match your brain. Emma Chases Chris into their small backyard.”
Pushes him down and pulls on his ear lobes. “That will teach you monkey brain. They walk back to their little apartment. Emma knows that Chris is very private with his emotions and 7 other apartment units share the same back yard.

Back in the apartment Chris suddenly has a lot to say. You know I am already pretty sick of this. They have Hong Kong on the news. They say the Chinese are messing with their civil liberties. I think that our civil liberties are at risk. I took a Political Science course (BC)
Before Covid. Emma gigils. Chirs Continues. “No, I am serious, civil rights are very important ask any visible minority. Now the government has us all on lockdown the news says there will likely be a second wave.” “I sometimes think about what would happen if an alien species visited the earth right now they would report back that humans are trying very hard to wreck their own civilization.” Emma “I agree Instead of fighting this thing we ran away from it. Then the witch hunt continues with people doing contact tracing, and testing more and more people.”
It was the kindness of one bank employee that turned the clock back for Tom. He still noticed after making the minimum payment on his credit card. That the principal had only dropped by $4:00 “Blood sucker” he thought but still that one act of kindness had made him happy, Other people were willing to help too that made him believe that there was still hope for the human race. “Unless people started to show kindness to each other there would be no hope.

Even with the new vaccine they were testing in the United States ( that created a wall between the virus and the cell.) The world would not be right until everyone could stand together,

He was still aware of Sam’s situation where he lived in a retirement home that grossed 6 million a year. Sam was confined in his room 14 hours a day with sometimes inadequate care. He was required to wear a mask whenever he ventured outside his room. Sam was not spending his golden years in the sunshine, except for intermittent moments on the patio having a smoke.


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