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 Movie Review Alabama Moon

Quite a very unique film, What you might call a festival film. The young boy’s name is Moon, and he is what the local constable refers to as white trash. He is a happy boy, a social kid brought up by his father in Isolation in the backwoods of Alabama. The storyline follows his response to the death of his father. His placement in a boys home and his day in court.

A wonderful story of boyhood, taken from the novel By Watt Key Kobo Ebooks    Another Review and more  Full Cast and Crew 

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Movie Review 1917
This is a Movie About the first world war. The last of the great conflicts to be fought strictly for Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism There is a line in the movie that says “look at this place, why don’t we just let them keep it.” Unlike WW11 this fight was for King and Country. 
The story is simple. A detachment of two soldiers is sent out with a message. Stop the attack! This is one of the best movies ever made. The Director Sam Mendes’ based this story Around a childhood Memory of a story “Picture Credit”. Cast and Crew.

The Wall Chapter 7 Alone 
a Novel By Phil Musgarve
Some things seemed illogical to Tom, a man over 60 living in an apartment tower.
The people here made decisions without consulting the tenants in the tower; one
was to lock the garbage chute. This meant all tenants sick or not would have to
take their garbage down in the elevator. “Easier to clean I suppose but very inconvenient.”
A person living alone had to do everything for themselves. Sick or not you have to do the
weekly chores of shopping and if you did not have a car life became more challenging.
Car repair shops were open but bike repair was not essential. 
Tom had been alone almost three years since his wife had died the first year
he had tried to make friends; he had succeeded in some ways.
Unhappy people seem to want to block the happiness of others.
People who think their fat and ugly tend to be hostile to other
people. But he had found the most dangerous people were
those who had massive egos to feed.
If they were paid a huge salary they thought there must be a
reason why they're better than most. Tom’s image of the world
ten years from now was a little worrisome.
He remembered a friend once said to him.
“I think the Nazi’s were interesting, the way they could make people do things.
“There was,” Tom thought: “a greater danger here than the
virus 19 that was holding the world hostage.
It was the question of who would be left behind.” 
“Who was to say the virus would not mutate and
come back again next year.” 
“The power of governments would only increase,
as would the people's dependence on them.” 
“The lack of Church also bothered Tom. People needed church at
times like these, a God.” “It was good to believe in a Higher Power.
A redeemer of some kind and the ability to forgive.”
If mankind was not careful extinction was a very real possibility or
at the very least a decent to another dark age. The history of man
just before the age of enlightenment.”
Tom understood The question. “Where is God?”
“He had only one answer.” “God is where my love has gone.”
Tom of course meant his dead wife. If he could find her he would
surely find God. The only answer to finding God here on earth
was prayer, church, compassion, and community.
“What kind of a loving God would allow this plague?” “Maybe the
virus was man made and had nothing to do with God.” 
“Like mustard gas in the second world war”

Tom had heard on the news that the virus could make a
comeback in the Fall.           

Review of the Movie Song of Namesv9BtIUe7KrbQErEvkJ1ou-LYLVyPXD_Qin_rtDscW2fO5A6B9ceIi46ockRwDDh4bdAgJnwYxN4PuuMCdkn_U0GGmIdTFxPn9CiMnOhM1bjjgf-U6uIpGBms-AOKTWCOTXS3zcG8
It takes five days to sing the song of names.
In was on the holacaust and so many people
were killed their names could hardly be
remembered, so people made a song to
remember their names audio track.
The story revolves around one man,
and his violin disappearing and his search for
god and family killed in hollocaust  audio track
this is a classy movie up for an academy award
Oscars list. Cast of the movie  Song of Names I
n the end  our hero takes himself way or another
Soul Journey into his own world, he asked that the
people who care about him consider him dead.
this is not a spoiler alert because
the end of the movie is very strange.
Very good movie.  Picture Credit


Movie Review Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker 
Right on, follows in the story line, 42 years Hard to believe.
This actor Daisy Ridley was almost perfect casting for the role of Rey.
This beautiful woman is like a fabric that holds the story together.
The sound track is right on, composed by John-Williams
The album was released in both digital.
formats and digipak CD by Walt Disney
Records on December 18 and 20, 2019
all the questions you have are answered here in this Episode.
Movie Review Midway (2019)
Excellent far-out war movie that is true to events as
the story 
really happened right done to the part where
Admiral William Halsey Jr. became ill with psoriasis.
XKuXRmna1ppgRQOcZC11nLdr67epaYo3JhzFCyHDeKMMpBvXjIITYgY99iC7IHBbwxGGaauvJdYVSQ2W4v8JGtbZGiZyKenrTSI6TJlhzOwiy4w5GT0EO2Xea19fUhCen0KIw5TCAnd the fact that the Japanise were left open for attack
when their planes were left on deck changing ordinance.
This fact was what allowed the Americans to sink 4 hostile
aircraft carriers some background and actors Map of the midway atoll certousy Google
The loss of life More information you might want to know
You see this movie. 

Movie Review The Joker (2019)kGiZ956Nf6OO4PC2ITvljpPoO4BXzjbcoqwhXrGuw6tQ4TwKAP-Ml-2eMhGecrJh2PtZ7OIHJCY4vffFHC9a9w4u1dgREWXUnpI0Y0nBWBfOxs9JS87QUyB5hDUAo6yXoi1FSyQ_
Excellent: if you like this kind of movie.
The effects are good. The Acting is good,
But the Joker feels sorry for himself, not to the point
of self harm But he does abuse others and blame it
on mental illness and bad parenting.
The gun is the trigger point in this movie,
(no pun intended),
You may keep asking yourself when you watch the
picture, Where is Batman?
This Joker is a comic, oh yeah really funny. Until he
gets Media attention.
Arthur Fleck, becomes the Joker an insane selective killer
who stalks the streets of Gotham city at Night
(Picture Credit) Full cast and Crew

Movie Review Ad Astra (2019) by phil Musgrave
Hope, for mankind, Brad Pitt Plays
Roy Mcbride an astronaut
who follows his father into deep space. His father H clifford
Mcbride played by Tommy Lee Jones.
who was the leading astronaut on the second push
into space and from there to deep space in a search for
extraterrestrial life.
He is disappointed with his first results and pushes the
crew for more.
The crew rebels and their sabotage causes a major threat
to the earth. Our Blue Marble in space.
The Effects are well contrived and believable.
The Cast list and credits for this movie should be read right
to the bottom.

Movie Review Kitchen By Phil Musgrave
This is Melissa McCarthy without the flip flops, 
in a dramatic movie about New Yorks 1970's
Irish hood called Hell's Kitchen.
The movie also stars Elisabeth Moss, of Mad Men,
The story is about three Mobsters wivies who
become trapped in poverty when their husbands are sent to jail. 
Although the story is not true, these two actors
bring it to life on the screen.
Good supporting roles by James Badge Dale and
the rapper Common, rounds out the storyline and
make it real. The streetscapes look real complet
with snow and black plastic garbage bags that
also help set the mood. Cast and Picture Credit 

Movie review Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
By Phil Musgrave BA
This is a story about acting, and actors. It has two of the
best screen actors of recent time Leonardo DiCaprio (picture
credit who plays the role of actor Rick Dalton. Who reaches
the low point of his acting career playing the lead in
a number of Spaghetti Westerns
Brad Pitt plays Cliff Booth his stunt double and constant
To enter the world of Rick
Dalton it is best to visit the official website best seen before
the movie.

Quentin Tarantino the director attempts to change history by

having dead actors play bit parts and Live actors play roles

from the past. The movie has a violent conclusion that is very


Godzilla Movie Review

Movie review Gozilla  By Phil Musgrave BA
Best watched in 3D because you can see the effects better.
Find The Titans (it’s an online Game) Picture credit
That's what the objective of Monarch is.
The Organisation is non Government non Military.
Who said Russell maybe, in the trees Godzilla grows
and grows until…. The sound track is at times a Heartbeat.
Maybe your maybe His. Another Point of View

Movie review Rocketman  By Phil Musgrave BA
Ths was the pop singer first concert in american and it launched his career
Elton John. 
was born in england. he had a problem child
hood, rejected by his father.
He so much wanted to love. 

This movie shows the weaker side of Elton a
man seeking his identity. In this film Elton is 
undefined incomplete and sad.
Taron Egerton Plays Elton and he Can sing too.
Watch this movie and his music loses its innocence.

Movie review John Wicks
Chapter 3 Parabellum By Phil Musgrave BA.
Now let’s try and follow the story. John Wick is Roman Catholic
and was an altar boy at the table. Then he is excommunicated
for leaving the table without permission. He the becomes a
target for any man woman or dog that wants a piece of him.
The table is very powerful, and sends out an arbitrator, to make
sure every thing is fair.
Things are not fair and poor John get to look a little like
rag doll Annie, or is that Andy.
He searches for the Pope to ask forgiveness
so he can go on living, and loving the memory of his good wife
Helen. The Pope tells him to kill another man and his sin will be
After meeting with the man finds he can’t do this. At that point
the Arbitrator de-consecrates the a whole building. Then John is
betrayed by the man he could not kill. His body bounces off all
manner of objects after his has been shot.
He end up face down in the gutter and says he wants more.
The end maybe not.
In this chapter John rides a like cowboy and attends
the ballet.

Movie Review Long Shot Picture Credit
This is a wonderful movie to go and see. The first female
President. Canada’s Seth Rogen Leads us on a tour of the
White House and shows portraits of the first ladies,
Oh sorry spoiler alert.
The real art in this movie should be included in an
art history course somewhere. The music is Wonderful,
the cinematography is fabulous.
Movie review By Phil Musgrave

Movie Review Five Feet Apart
Imagine being sick everyday of your life. In hospital constantly having to be
on guard for infection.  Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse are co-stars
in this landmark film about cystic fibrosis.
This is a true love story. There is a book version of the screenplay
If this is based on a true story is not clear.
This movie is a MUST SEE. and is all about taking risks, real risk, Life and
death risk just to reach out and touch someone you might have feelings for.
Then there is the the fact that you are not expected to live very long.
Forget pimples this is cystic fibrosis, a disease that can let
you drown in your own bodily fluids. A disease that makes constant demands
on your time. Sometimes it is just luck that pulls you through .
“The screenplay, every addition of it had been read by Claire Wineland [who passed away in
2018], ,see this link, who was a CF advocate, and she had cystic fibrosis, and I think it was really great
getting a screenplay that had been so carefully constructed in the first place.”
Source of this quote
Review written by Phil Musgrave

Movie Review Captain Marvel
Brie Larson is Captain Marvel. Anything a man can do a woman does better. Who says Captain Marvel owe Nobody anything she is her own woman. The tech in the movie is Fabulous and the story is great entertainment, funny thought how a movie or play can become used to create a message We Girls Need to stick together is the subtle message from this movie. The movie is worth going to see for action and fireworks that happen on screen. It is a story of standing up after you have been knocked down. What the message should be is Everyone is included.

Movie review Cold Pursuit
This movie happens in the cold hills of Colorado, A snow plow operator has his son killed and the police call it an overdose and the family does not believe it. The story continues from there to the point were the father of the boy, played by Liam Neeson, kills a number of men in his search for revenge. He raps the bodys in chicken wire so they won’t bloat and rise to the surface. This is only the beginning for this movie that has at least 17 murders in it. This is not a bad flick all in all and worth the coin if you have the stomach for it Cast Picture Credit and another Review
Gratuitous violence    

Movie Review

Bohemian Rhapsody

This movie is predicted to win best picture is is Honest and raw look at a life lived with brutal determination
I is about the Band Queen and the life of Freddie Mercury who died of aids.
There music in this movie, good music and lots of it.

Movie review First Man
Ryan  Gosling the canadian actor really is a little to early in his career to make this kind of portrait seem real But he does do a good job and gives his best. The movie is fantastic not to may blurry pictures of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon. I keep waiting for the adventure to continue in real life but alas, all we have is a manned space station until china make a run at it. To keep making movies about past history like hidden figures and first Man where are we now
The strong in this film “whitey on the moon” at this link is a powerful edition to the movie and may explain why we are still not on the moon. Picture Credit

Movie Review White Boy Rick

This movies smashes across the screen with striking intensity, then smashes into your heart
with a pick axe. The acting and direction our superior and although the subject matter is dark
the movie is not. Base on a true story White Boy Rick is a story about failures, drugs, guns,
and money, all used in the wrong way. Read more of the story here Matthew McConaughey
stars in a leading role as the Father to Rick Wershe Jr. who is played by relative
newcomer Richie Merritt who does a real number with this role.

Movie Review
God Bless the Broken Road
At least this movie was a little less hollywood and more down to earth
the woman lost her house Her daughter and her husband, So what had
Jesus done for her. She was angry with God. Many people would agree
with her. Why does God allow these bad things to happen. Why do some
people have better lives than other Some people have short lives and die
horrible deaths.
Other are given long lives but are unable to share. When you put the movie
alongside the one called Jackie. Mrs Kennedy is told that God is love and
God everywhere including in the bullet that shot her husband the whole
concept of any God becomes moot.


Movie Review Leave No Trace   
A must see movie of this year likely to be nominated best
actor female Thomasin McKenzie and
male Ben Foster Full Biographical can be found here
Cast and crew.     
A heart touching movie based on True Story. The
cinematography is fantastic and sence location is well
“The last third of the story was filmed at Squaw Mountain
Ranch, a family oriented nudist resort outside Estacada,
Oregon. SMR was chosen because it's a former logging
camp. The film needed a location with
old cabins and RVs. Some of the members were used
as extras in the "Birthday Party" scene. Squaw Mountain
Ranch is the oldest nudist club west of the Mississippi
and was established in 1933. They are open year round
with rooms to rent in their lodge. “ Quote Credit on IMDb
site at this location There is no nudity in the film.
However it is very intimate and real to life.

This movie should get an award for effects, the picture is sharp and clear
There is a 3D version. Ant Man is communicating with a very tiny woman
made that way by technological error. This is a Marvel Comic adventure that
is somehow expected to make a connection to the upcoming Avengers 4
 Movie (picture credit)
The film is well lit and has a sharp crisp cleanness to it.
A giggle of a story about shrinking buildings and people and a
woman that never seems to stay in focus. A good night's entertainment.
Cast and crew

Jurassic World Fallen kingdom Movie Review
Link Here Picture Credit 
So this monster in the portrait above will respond to an attack
command qued by a pin light laser and a sound command.
The direction on this third movie in the series is moved far
from the hands of  Steven Spielberg,
Jurassic park full cast and crew,  with three different hands on
the helm the theme and storyline had stayed the same in the
last two, Jurassic world full cast and crew . The good guys got
them and the bad guy want them.
But under this new team of writer and directors the story
has a new twist,  Fallen world cast and Crew. The effects are good.
Two passengers ride one of those glass viewing ball
down a cliff and into the sea where it is expected they
will be eaten by the sea monster. The effect is produced
G25ef-rK8OSXEOoWRZjVw4P5brEyosVh8QoZOb67h5fpdXjGQ0wI_KLLJIrUHiCO7VJXzHnXwy31Ex2Z_CNvBwZ12x_e592g3Qtwd0FW-g9gpzmufzjGoOAJPDbbT4BCvXDDISfU in real life by ride on a roller coaster    Picture credit
The music was also fun in this film, not addictive, but fun.

Movie review Solo


So this is a prequill, probabaly of that wooky picked of his hid this movie is dark you keep waiting for the light that never comes. Ron Howard is the director and he has done much better.

There are no Jedii Knights and no R2D2 at times the falcon behaves like nothing more that super mans car.. Not much plot most plunder for treasure  Picture Credit    Cast
Movie review The Book Club


Money, Oh to have the kind of money these people throw around.These are the people who have success expect in sex and relationships they are looking for the fix but even when they find a solution it is with other successful people Doctors and accountants airline pilots. This makes the storyline hard to believe if you work at the kind of job most people have. The funny lines, some very funny and well delivered the theater  was packed with women.that may be a very positive message for the guys. Sex, Love and dating don’t stop at 60.

Someone does not like Fonda  Cast


Movie review Avengers

Before you see this movie you should visit these websites World population clock

Countries-with-the-biggest-populations .This movie has a stunning ending and in true Marvel

Comic style. Highly recommended view for the fantasy movie goer and the characters are here including groot Cast  about the next movie (picture credit)


This movie was disappointing because it really dose not laugh at the subject. It was nonsense because you could not laugh at a woman's body shape and did not cover the subject of self acceptance. Amy Schumer did not have the lines that bring laughter this subject. Melissa McCarthy would have been more apt with the funny lines. It is a good movie to see when you are a little shy about Body image no Matter what your sex. Picture Credit Anther point of view

Movie Review Miracle Season


Read this before you see the movie Rules of the game This film is about volleyball and how to be part of a team. Based on a true story about high school volleyball team the lost the way mid season and had to make it back. This is a story about winning and pain grief and agony of the loss of a loved one.Another look at the  game  Take your team to see the movie cast Picture Credit_______
List of winners for Oscars 2018


Movie Review Ready Player One

This is another movie about tech out of control. Nanites are the solution. The vision of future housing is interesting. In this world it looks like mankind has become obsessed with tech to the detriment of other social problems More and Picture Credit Cast 

Paul Apostle of Christ
This movie is another patch in the quilt that sewn together will create a faithfull image of our Christ the redeemer The story of paul at the end of his life paul is a prisoner of Paul's trial with Romans. This movie seems to stick to the fact and is a valuable accounting of history. This is Jim Caviezel second film about the Bible this on he got right More ( Picture Credit) Cast


You can only imagine played to a packed house this saturday in Guelph. Watched at a time when my spirit was as a low point I was dealing with some gave family matter and I was not in the mood for uplifting. It is basically a movie about a song a christian gospel song made up by Bart MIllard who was a abused child.Bart said there were certain song that held him together during this time.m It is a very good movie and has a lot to say but not pushy Picture crediit and more background

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The Greatest Showman
This is a fantasy Musical about the P.T. Barnum. The singing part was a surprise but a good one

This was a spectacle even for a movie. Good effects, and the actiing was real enough the sound track should sell well. A good nights entertainment.that may soon only be available on CD. Read More About Movie Cast and Crew

Fifty Shades of Freed

This film is Good to talk your female partern to, a good intro to twentyfirst century sex and a good film about trust. And relationships this is an adult movie for the adult mind.  Based on a novel, it follows the romance of two lovers and does no end in heartbreak.Cast Picture Credit

Red Sparrow
The lengths will governments will go to to catch a spy. This is a nice movie full of pretty girls and handsome boys and torture.  Brutal torture graphically demonstrated A tale of counter espionage that take place inside Russia. The sparrow is a well trained agent who turns it is a good story Cast About the Cloths (picture credit)  

15:17 To Paris
This Movie was disappointing because Clint Eastwood
chose to use no real actors in the main part of the
story telling. So even though the real guys try,
something is lacking.

Hostiles Movie Review


This is a story Violence in American History.
It is not as may seem at first A censure of any race for violence.
There is a connection between guns, violence
and the story of American History.
This film explores that but come up short.The acting is very good.

A Notable performance by Rosamund Pike Who plays Rosalie Quaid. A widowed settler who’s situation screams for revenge Cast More and picture cedit

The Post Movie Review

This is a story about The Newspaper
At a time when journalism was really
part of Democracy and had the job of
holding government in check.
Newspaper will likely  never be that powerful again.
Tom Hanks plays the role of the The Washington Post
top editor during the time of  

The pentagon papers

Direction is by steven spielberg and
Meryl Streep play a good counterpart to
Tom Hanks Newspaper wise Ben Bradlee

Molly’s Game Movie Review
This is a true story but like a  good true story
it seems like hollywood, The life of Molly Bloom
is quite amazing. Olympic Skier with a steel
Back who earned her way into the gambling
game and found her way to the top.

Her Demanding Father is
played by kevin Costner

Darkest Hour Movie Review
This is of course about Winston Churchill and
the darkest time of World War 11
the rescue at Dunkirk features prominently,
The drought is there too the about
the right tack to take, do you appease
Hitler or do you fight.
I one of the greatest speeches ever
given Churchill find his

Confidence in Oratory and
English and takes the country to war
More on Churchill  Other Reviews

The Shape of water Movie Review
Sally Cecilia Hawkins is Aa star in this Movie
She plays a delicate and intricate role and of
a lonely vulnerable cleaning lady who falls in
love with a creature. The alien
being is vulnerable but also very powerful

Star Wars
This Movie was boring. A formula movie. Battle scene graphics interspersed with Jedi Knight.
The Saga embattled rebel forces who never get the upper hand battle on against the first order.
The new Darth Vader character Kylo Ren cannot keep the black hement on his head.
Why he wears it is not clear. Plot and character development are not as rich and
well put together in earlier versions
If this thing gets a nomination for anything but Carrie Fisher's performance. It will be tragic.

This is the same boy that starred in Room. This story though is more Hollywood an upper middle class family with child who has a disfigurement and is trying to find his Identity at school. Jacob Tremblay plays, Auggie, Home schooled until now, he has to learn to socialize. He copes pretty well until he meets the big bullies then with a little help he fends them off too. Picture Credit

This is a cute version of the Christmas story. A cartoon about  the animals around the Christmas story the donkey and the sheep and shepherds. It is of course hollywood
Not very accurate But there  is no Santa Claus in the story. and that is a blessing.  Cast   Picture credit

Roman J Israel Esq.
So this is a courtroom drama, or is it. I could be a story of a lawyer gone wrong or the story of human frailty Denzel Washington
Play the lead role of Roman J. Israel Esq. a Criminal Lawyer who works the dirtier side of the street. The movie is well worth watching. There are even Whispers of Oscars

Movie Review Lady Bird
Growing up with ladybird. This Could be a chick flick, but there are guys in the movie too so it is a safe date night out. Ladybird is just a nickname. Until I grow up, There are some heavy hitting actresses Playing the lead roles Saoirse Ronan is a smash as ladybird her performace alone makes the movie worth seeing . Full Cast and crew   New York Times Review Picture credit

Murder on the Orient Express

When you think about Hercule Poirot what normally comes to mind is that blithering idiot portrayed on P.B.S, This is very unfortunate because this Film Portrait of The great detective might be Oscar worthy The cast includes big names like Johnny Depp and Judi Dench More  and the great detective himself is played by Kenneth Charles Branagh See More I never liked murder much But I love trains but we leave the last Perot who say murder takes place when the is a fracture int the human soul.

Movie Review Chan is a Hit
This is a mature jackie chan and an exciting  movie action filled with lots of bombs going off even the I.R.A. remember them, The film is Very Well Casted Picture Credit Chan plays Quan Ngoc whose Daughter
is killed by a bomb and he seeks revenge on the killers and gets it.
Movie Review Suburbicon
The movie is a subtle acknowledgement of racism and bigotry and maybe adds something to the acceptance of this kind of behaviour. The film could be about. hords of whites harassing the black family along the fence line or a tale of insurance fraud and murder in an all white suburb. The way it look is the racial stuff was thrown in the give the move a stronger box office  “you don’t say anything and never show fear.” Picture  Credit

Movie Review Only The Brave
Miles Teller Portrait of Brendan McDonough, “Doughnut” in the movie is worth consideration. This film is a surprise must see. A classic tear jerker with a ( sneek up on you ending). Do not read the Real Story Until you watch the Show. This is a story about the men who risk their lives. Fight major forest fires. Picture Credit Cast  

Movie Review American Made
For this American Made Story There is some Russian music not listed on the official    
Sound Track It is one of Tchaikovsky piano Concertos.
This is a Ronald Reagan Oliver North Story that went South fast The film Chronicles the adventures of Barry Seal MORE BARRY (picture credit)

Movie Review Blade Runner
If you ever made love to a woman while you while thinking about another. It Can happen for real in blade Runner's world. The are many new female faces in the cast of this movie  The Movie is dark and foreboding giving it a negative view on the future, and climate change.
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? See our Photo Credit.
blade3 (1).jpg

Movie Review Kingsman Golden Circle
It is just amazing what Elton John can do
With his fancy pink
Boots. There is an electric whip in this picture too.The Kingman are under major attack. Eggsy and a few remaining Kingston agents find their future at the bottom of a bottle of Statesman's Whiskey

Movie Review American Assassin
A survivor of a beach terrorist attack, the hero of this movie Mitch Rapp takes matters into his own hands to seek revenge.
He soon becomes connected to the CIA.
This is an relevant work of art for understanding today's political situation.
This movie has a scene of a nuclear blast going off underwater.
this one.jpg

Movie Review Lucky Logan
Pneumatic tubes can perform very useful functions in society

They are used for fast transport of good like lab samples, in this case money. These tubes are located in a  race track.
The most  Qualified man to extract the money from
The tubes is behind bars and so the story
unfolds. Cast Picture Credit

Movie Review Hitman's Bodyguard
Entertaining picture, Good music, Great stunts, some performed by Samuel L Jackson himself. This is a fun movie. A hitman's life is endangered When he is requested to testify at an international court of justice. He is Assigned a bodyguard who is played by Canadian Actor Ryan Reynolds. See Bio Cast and Crew

Movie Review Kidnaped
This picture is riveting starting with a story love between mother and child all the way through to the end. The end of the story is not tragic but rises in hope from the ashes of the constant threat of loss. A young Child is kidnapped from his mother while at the city park. The mother sees him forced into a car and the chase is on. Luck is on the mother's side. She does not kill any innocent bystander with her car. That part was just sheer hollywood.

Movie Review The Dark Tower
The film brings out the dark side of Matthew McConaughey and when he is bad he might be better. However Matthew is only one of a number of good performances. The very young Tom Taylor makes an appearance in the movie as Jake Chambers. Jake is the sidekick of The Gun Slinger Played by Idrissa Akuna Elba   Full Cast And Crew The Story is based on the first in a series of  Stephen King’s Master work, See

Movie Review The Valerian
A love story that goes beyond reality into the virtual. The cinematography is great. A people whose world is invaded and destroyed by war take back what is left of their world. Animation is real and bright and the movie has a long run time

Movie Review Emjoi
The movie is  about “what’s inside your cell phone. The Emjoi’s have parents and jobs. These Emjoi are the new Language of the Human Experience, A way to attract the opposite sex. They must deliver, get is wrong and you’r in poo.


Movie Review Dunkirk
This Movie was Disappointing because it failed to tell the story of why so many men had to be rescued from the Beaches they were stranded on. Cinematography is excellent. The movie jumps around following several story lines. This is a very good portrait of heroism and the movie is worth seeing just for that reason.

Movie Review War For th Planet of the Apes
This is a fine example of Guerrilla warfare that did not involve Che Guevara. Caesar was to blame or maybe not. This philosophical ape is the impromptu leader of a group of about 200 apes who ride horses and carry guns. You do not get an Academy Award putting on a Orangatang outfit And making faces.the plot if there is one revolves around a wicked colonel. who wishes to dispose of the apes.


Movie Review Spider Man
The Spidey is in High School in this Flick. Were this one fits in the Chronology of the story and his relation with Aunt May is Anyone’s Guess. Columbia picture did a good job on keeping this bright and well animmated with good 3D.
The original song was recorded at RCA Studios in Toronto (where the cartoon was also produced) featuring 12 CBC vocalists (members of the Billy Van Singers, and Laurie Bower Singers groups) who added to the musical backing track supplied by RCA Studios, New York. The singers were paid only for the session and have had no residuals from its use since then.Credit Wikipedia


Movie Review Baby Driver
The Music Came First The Movie Was Built Around It "Rolling Stone". This is a film about a punk kid, with a twitch for music. Who is also a prodigy at driving fast cars. He becomes the wheelman for a group robbers a thugs who lack any moral code. Baby, the young diver does in the end pay for criminal indiscretion. It is the music that makes the movie, and it is enjoyable and engaging from start to finish.

Movie Review Cars 3
Cars 3 has no humans in it everybody is a car, even the fans at the race track.The animation is excellent. The film is full of characters, from the old Hudson to the “hippie” Microbus every car has personality.  Get The Poster  Cast

Movie Review Megan Levey

This woman bonded with a dog. What a dog he turned out to be! The movie takes you to war in Iraq  and makes it real. These two, the dog Rex and The woman Megan went to war together. This based on “real life”, story touches on the feeling of loss this vet feels when parted from her canine friend. The real levey say the film is about hanging on to what your heart tells you is right.    

Movie Review Wonder Woman
The Cinematography on this film is outstanding. Studio quality to suit the beauty of the subject matter Wonder woman becomes a leading force on the front lines of world war One. The Storyline
Is easy to follow. At over two hours long it does no sag at any turning of the plot.

Movie Review Captain UnderPants
Another Hit By Dreamworks animation This is a movie full of potty humor. The story behind it is about a kid who did not fit in at school so instead he took to drawing Captain Underpants That's not exactly the plot line of the movie. David Pilkey “he was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Pilkey was frequently reprimanded for his behavior in class and thus usually sat at a desk in the school hallway, where he created the Captain Underpants character.[4] See Wikipedia Here Full Cast And Crew Movie Insider

A Cap.jpg

Movie Review Snatched
Very funny because of its vulgarity. There are cats in this movie but also plenty of references to pussy. A vacation to Ecuador that is Non refundable, becomes a nightmare for a middle aged woman and her escort Mother. The adventure really gets going after they are kidnapped. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn play the part of Mother and Daughter well. More
A 1Goldie.jpg

Movie Review Arthur
This is the story of Camelot and the Round table. However it is mostly the story of Excalibur. A story full Magic and a tales of honor and chivalry. This tale is exaggerated in this version of Arthur the features great feat of magic and fantasy.

Movie Review Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2
A little Disjointed but you have to love it in 3D. Groot goes dancing that is super cute.
In this episode the team has to deal with a ego the size of a planet. The music of course is awesome. Get the mix through this link. The voices and effects are awesome The Director has his brother is the film playing the sidekick to Yondo (source Business Insider) see Cool Background stuff. This episode has an I am you father scene and Groot agian takes has no small role to play. PS Stay After The Credits for Howard.
AB AB2.jpg

Movie Review The Circle

This is a very very good artistic effort, And Emma Watson is not only good to look at but is an effective actress. Emma plays the part of Mae Holland a young tech savvy Millennial who gets in over her head.
She Spends all her time on Campus
She is kept in the real world by her parents.
who are dealing with the father’s MS Played by Bill
Paxton Tom Hank Plays Bailey a the company leader of The Circle out of control.
The visual tech in the movie should get some kind of award because it adds so much to the story.  
A b Cir.jpg
Movie Review Born in China
This is one Carnivore You do feel for, A snow leopard Mother displaced with a wounded paw trying to feed two cubs. The film Covers a wide ranging number of species, Cranes, Monkeys, Pandas,  Snow Leopards and more
Even as a child I liked Disneynature. But I do not like the narration about the monkeys nor the choice of music.
A Panda.jpeg

Movie review Zoo Keeper’s Wife
Heart wrenching scenes scream across the screen Choices have to be made about whose children will die. The risk is alway there so much so, It becomes a constant background hum. Powerful Questions of ethics, Love
And the need to Hate. This is the background of war and agenda of brutality. Then the Zoo and the animals  are a gift of beauty and innocence.

Movie review Boss Baby
Boss Baby is a Definite all ages comedy about sibling rivalry and an intimate guide to the magic in soothers. The Forever Puppy will be made and take all the attention away from baby's   Boss Baby Page Alec Baldwin plays the soft spoken boss who uses a toy telephone to contact Head Quarter and is contrite  in his effort to prevent the forever puppy project seeing the light of day. Other cast Members Include Jimmy Kimmel

Movie review The Shack
Only God may forgive this act of murder he may also choose not. But I thought this movie was relevant because it explained that God did not make bad things happen. In this movie God should be addressed as heavenly mother or Our Mother who art in heaven baking pies. This is a very gut wrenching  film asking the basic moral Questions That have been asked through the ages. But the answers are childlike. I suppose meant to Be. The Cast Note The Name Photo Credit

Movie review Goon
So Emma Hunter is in this movie. Just a short bit of it. A cult movie about Hockey. Takes place in Halifax Metro Centre The picture mentions the Sea Dogs and Highlanders. A goon in hockey terms is the bully on the team.

The Cast of this movie has many comics. It is quite a funny look at the game.
Best Kong Ever! Everything fits. Works as a PLOT and is highly Imaginative
Great entertain more shocking that Jurassic 111 And Oscar goes to Kong and The roar if just. So Kong is part of Eco system of this Island remove Kong and the Island falls apart. However The Matra Kill Kong continues throughout the Film. Other Reviews  Casts

Movie review How I was before I fell
Changes are part of life and regrets We all have this is a movie This movie is the story girl who has to become the loser she hates to become a winner
The film looks at a day in a life lived and loops it More until she gets it right. As Samantha Kingston  explorse the possible time lines of a normal life day
Each moment that is here and gone.
Movie review Logan
I have alway loved Patrick Stewart’s Acting on Trek His portrayal of Professor X is something else. Violence is a major part of this film. In a comic this might have been almost unnoticeable but on screen It is quite explosive. These things make sense in comics. In a film like this it is not needed it would have been a much better film with this implied Professor X is aging and so is Logan but new life has come to the mutants Meet Laura

Movie review Superman lego Movie
Fun, should be the basic description of this film. Best seen in IMax. there is all kinds of colour here nothing dark or sinister the movie is for all ages a long action filled story of batman that flashes quickly across the screen Screaming out the perennial batman plot. The lego is just so cool.

B batman.jpeg
Movie review The Space Between us
This Movie might be called Grand Theft Auto, but if you can overlook
The the leading characters propensity for stealing car. The story is about a boy born on Mars who falls in love with an Earth girl. This all take place in the future. The boy does not adjust to Earth's gravity and …... More about Movie  Cast

b space.jpg
Movie review A Dog's Purpose

This Movie is a dog owner delight. It has purpose and depth. It is divided into little stories that become one big story. Based on a Book The film explains to in dog what it is like to be a dog. Human Cast The Dog actor Hercules-okay.jpgwere just charming. I recommend the  film to any  dog lover A dog handler's Diary
Oscar Nominations 2017


Movie review Patriot’s Day
This is a movie about the Boston Marathon. The day it was bombed. The story behind the bombing. This Bombing was a brutal invasion on the lives  of the people life of Boston. It was an irrational act that created many stories of heroism In the movie these action are played up against the simple and meaningless life of the terrorist. The Facts All About The Run  

Rotten Tomatoes Top 100  
Rotten Tomatoes top 100 list  IMDb List of top 100
Movie review Hidden Figures
Godspeed John Glenn. Somewhere in the wonderfully told story, there must be an award of some kind, A matured Kevin Costner and  Jim Parsons are have Noted performances in this film. The power of the film , however, comes from the Performances of the Black Actor’s. This is the story of the math behind John Glenn's flight into space. Math Preformed mostly on very simple machines and The minds of men, or women as the case maybe About The Story  Cast

Movie review La La Land
Singing in the rain: No not Really, But there is some noteworthy display of young talent here. The Relationship between two young people blossoms with the dream and as dream becomes reality nobody lives happily ever after. Just like in real life it hard to follow your dreams and be with the one  you love. There is dancing and song and a certain kind of soul. This is a delightful and entertaining film.

Movie review Fences
This is a stage play brought to the screen. The almost over use of the offensive slang “N” word is very effective in bringing deeper emotional empact The story of a working man and the love of his world and the love the world gives him or does not. He dies like we all will in a state of regret.
fences (1).jpg

Movie review Rogue One
No Wookie or Jaba the hut Very little CP30 and R2D2 and there is no strong Good Jedi Knight. It is nice to see Darth Vader in the shower (that Suit Must be hot). This Movie is slow getting into focus. Very nice to watch in 3D.

The rebels have to stop a new death star. There are still many different creatures to be see in the zoo. However the films has things flash across the screen very fast. If a star wars fan this is a must see. There will be more to come. Explore More star wars   Cast and More

Movie review Miss Sloane
The story of this movie and it’s presentation slammed me back to the reality of who will be in the white house next year. The Movies is about the gun lobby in the USA and the people who fight for more gun control. Although the script is fictional it is researched and has quite a punch. There is a very quick referral to statistics on mass killing Here are some more stats. This movie is worth the money or you can rent it.

Movie review The Girl on the Train

This Movie takes its time pouring, The end is riveting.  The plot involves  an ineffectual detective who does seems unaware of the need for CSI or DNA testing. The acting is notable. The trains move back and forth through linear time and through the lives of the people who build the plot Cast

Movie review Fantatastic beast to find them
JK Rowling  Went post garduate Phd.on this film a formerr student of  Hogworts arrives in new york with a suite case full of harmless magical beast The people of dreams who can make all better are Found Here
And then there is The Beasts

Movie review Dante’s Inferno
The Is one of Tom Hanks Better Performances stretching his limits, His plays the part of university professor who loses his short memory. Directed by Ron Howard The movies Dances on the screen with visual effects and after effect. Dante is a path to solving the riddle. The riddle must be solved to find a plague virus that could devastate the world.
The grem was invent by a madman in an attempt to cull world population growth.
The population numbers on this movie seem a little out of misleading but still the Messages is clear world population may become a problem.The family of Dante enjoyed the loyalties to the Guelphs,

Movie review Jack Reacher NGB
The story of a drifting vet, the a liking for weapons and combat who suffers from PTSD meets a woman and frees her to chase down a weapons cartel bringing drugs into the country. There is a macho story of the love of a family on the run all mixed up with New Orleans carnival.     
Movie review The Accountant
Not Your standard CPU This guy is hired to find out where the money is gone. A monetary shell game, he must find the shell with the money under it. This accountant was Autistic as a child like certain art pieces and hitting himself with a stick when thing go wrong I liked this movie because the Renoir painting in the film and Some the music  

Movie review Snowden

A true Story about a highschool dropout who went back to school to learn computers who became famous for leaking sensitive government information because the thought it was moral duty to do so, well even a high school dropout deserves a second chance but this man had quite a few Sowden made the choices he thought would be necessary to have concerns properly addressed. people are not robots However an oath of secrecy should be exactly that, People, Companies. and countries, and have a right to secrets.  He who blabs is still a tattletale whether he gets the teacher's approval or not The movie was an objective  portrayal of a man  conflicted. The storytelling is objective and does not pass judgement one way or the other acting was very good good sound effects and very good visual effects. Cast  More


Movie review Deep Sea Horizon

A true Story about the big B.P. oil rig fire In the gulf of Mexico. 11 People Died. As well as The Loss of Human life. The environment devastated at one point a oil soaked pelican hits the deck hard to die before the eyes of a ships crew. The Clean Up. The Moviemakers involved the ear of the audience  In the screen story. There is alway a line of truth in hollywood tales This show might have been better if it had focused more of the accounts of the people who were there rather than a generalized story, Harvard Press.
Movie review The Magnificent Seven68032-1-.jpg

This film is about timing and what weapons are brought to play, and what time in the fight. This is a remake 2 previous versions of the same plot
Guns, Knives, and even small Hatches are used as killing weapons in this story of the wild west brought to justice. Denzel washington is better in this role he has matured   Picture credit

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Movie review The Wild Life
The animation in this film is superb even in 3D no little detail is left out

The story line is iffy. Vincent Kesteloot and Anthony Leveque Have there names on the artwork. The ally cats are the villains of the piece It is great children's movie. Cast and Crew

Movie review Sully
Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks make this film hot viewing. You can actually read the directing style of Eastwood in the film the subtly beginning the Challenging middle and an end that ties it all together. Eastwood points out what might have been Eastwood understand the value of a good bright canvas The acting of Tom hank was superb and he carries through the with story of the great american hero.Tom Hanks And the Captain

Movie review Mechanic Resurrection
Loud Movie, lots of Gun fire and Rio again, well at least it starts there

Then the Africa then on to Bulgaria But along the way there a swimming pool some nice and nasty females and a surprise ending. The big name fast paced actors are there, bright picture and nice action scene. Cast and Crew Other Reviews

Movie review  WarDogs

So the theory is that if you give out consolation prizes the system works better that is how two young men became arms dealers and, very rich The music for this movie is fantastic  just not enough of it The technology matches the time Flip Cell etc.. Accurate depiction who know. But it all fall apart when someone does not get paid’ Cast The true story
Movie review  Florence Foster Jenkins

Was that howard from BIg Bang Theory playing opposite Meryl Streep
A woman who is sick and cannot sing the world has no place for. “ I could not sing but I did sing” and she did find a place in the world. The stands of a beautiful love story tie the ribs of the plot together. Simon Helberg
Shows quite a musical touch at the piano. Hugh Grant plays with finesse and  But Meryl Streep is consomate playing the lead role of jenkens Another viewpoint                       Faces Real and Imagined

Movie review  Jason Borne
Lots of Razzle Dazzle tech big screen wow and pop. A rogue former agent of the the pentagon Jason Bourne has be modified he is after the man who can tell him why, CIA Director Robert Dewey (played by Tommy Lee Jones
After his elimination Borne again becomes a target and leaves the plot line open for a sequel as he walks out of it all. A History Of Jason Cast The Borne Franchise

Movie review Ice Age Collision Course

Not much need a for god when scrat the squirrel is rounding up the q balls of the universe It is every mammoth for himself  There is even a parody on the movie The Fly when the squirrel is rearranged in different patterns with his nut in the confinement  of a transporter. As usual family wins but there is the Lama Deli Lama Drama  using a magnetic of Rock to save the planet the dinosaurs and themselves. the mammoths win the game but what did the squirrel do on mars. very very funny movie lots of depth. Ha. ha.  Trailer
Movie review Star Trek Beyound
This is a movie worthy of any Tekie's attention it has all the real stuff and the acting and the music and some really crazy wild effects. Beautiful memorable images stick in your mind. The outpost is a thing of beauty and as in all trek stories hope is never abandoned and always won. It about another planet and a enemy of the federation. There is an old spaceship named Franklin. Oh, and the famous line, “anytime now Sulu”. New female Added Actors death changes Movie Cast

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