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Chapter 21 Living 
Copyright Phil Musgrave
It was Church time and Cody had found a minister. The community's beliefs were simply the ten commandments and a positive hope of redemption. The bible had been rewritten in so many ways that the church committee had decided to order the oldest version they could find online.

It was up to the individual to express his or her faith as they saw fit. Their beliefs were their own. But the rule was you must attend church once a week, except if you were guarding the camp on Church Day.

The service was kept simple, singing a few prayers and a sermon. A simple form of the celebration of the life of Christ and the sacred bread and wine was served to those of the christian faith. But the church was truly ecumenical and allowed room for more kinds of worship. Right now. Princeton Wells had taken possession of the pulpit. He was asking the question: What is the value of a human life? “The average Canadian pays %14 of his income to debt repayment or bank interest. In this community We try to make sure there is no debt. An individual's debt is a community responsibility. So everyone living here for three year or more has their debts paid off.”
“We have a strong community here and our money is being made from litter people leave at the side of the road.
But We also buy scrap iron and steel. We Grow sweet corn and farm eggs.”
“Everyone has a job. we are fully employed and that adds value to a human life. Because our treatment of this virus has been so successful we can now touch each other. This again raises the value of a human life. This community was founded by social outcasts. The people society did not want. Look at us now we are good, valuable human beings.” We are not better, more important or of more value than anyone else. We are all very important.” We are also more important because we are loved. I truly believe that love is what will see us through.
The world may seem like a terrible place right now but we have each other.

“It is this time that We must turn outward to the community around us. We must help Canada, We have a symbiotic relationship with all the people of Canada. It is our interest to help them.”
Roberts' new report had again found its way to John James desk.
James was reading
The virus has been active in Canada for sometime now. Although the economy has opened up. The populations most affected were the old in long term care homes, indiganus people on reservation and people in jail. Most of the money had been held in bank accounts of people over 50. So Canadian banks stock was pretty solid there was debt, but the banks had been counting on the transfer of trillions of dollars through wills and estates, they have not been disappointed.

This is unfortunate because we thought the National Government should try to encourage more social involvement from them. We still feel they should have more competition.

Education is changing and students have learning opportunities not limited to any geographic location, but we at CSIS feel socialization is just not happening. There has been great harm done to classical education.
However we do feel education will evolve and take on a new face in our future Canada.
Agriculture will keep Canadians rooted in one place. However the Canadian climate is harsh. Canadians are missing their winter break. We must again find a way to fly.
It is essential to this country that sports activity be reintegrated into family life. Championship athletic competition starts in grade school. An athlete has to be trained. They don’t grow like weeds at the side of the road.

Anymore of these stay at home orders and we will all look like potbellied pigs.
Photos Copyright Phil  Musgrave

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