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New Novel By Phil Musgrave Working title The WALL
Chapter 6 Government

“No church, No more than 5 people together, ten if it is a funeral,” Emma and Christopher have been together three year. both were full time students, Canadians, now working out new study routines. 

They listened intently as the little round speaker of the google mini brought them news of a changing world. In one Quarantine zone that had learned that seniors were made to shop at different hours for the mainstream population. 

Now they were thinking of placing a Quarantine around New York City and Parts of New Jersey 

Emma “You Know they ruined  everything, those stocks I bought at $95 dollars a share have dropped to $45. “I wonder How my Dad’s stocks are?”

“I Know,” Chris agreed “My Dad lost $400.00.” that does not seem to bother him as much as not being able to repair things.” Like, his dentures broke and his lawnmower won’t start. You can’t fix or buy new ones because everything is closed. He said his friend's cataract surgery was postponed indefinitely.   

It is like Death by Government. You would rather do what they say or you get in trouble.”

Emma “ha, ha, I just had a funny thought You know That social distancing thing they do at Grocery stores
What if when you died from this stuff and you have to social distance at the Pearly Gates 
“Ha, Ha, They both laugh.
“There is a psychology to these rules and regulation  and it makes the bossy people in charge.” Christopher gestures with his finger. “You behind the red line.” “it gives them power they want to have” 
Just then Emma’s Phone Rings with a lovely burbling sound. 
She goes away and talks in the next room. She is back five moments later.
She says “My PaPa died”
Chris rushes to her side “ I am so sorry Emma come and sit down,”
She sits and says “it was the virus.” 
“How old was he” Emma 
“83.” “he was the kindest man I ever knew.”
“Tears roll down her cheeks”
Christopher goes to put the kettle on. There is not much in the fridge, some chicken and rice. A big can of instant coffee is on the counter he reaches for it and scoops two teaspoons into each coffee mug. He hears the honking of the Canada geese as they fly over the building. 
He hands her a mug of coffee and they just sit quite for a while. She has her earbuds in.  

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