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 The wall A novel by Philip Musgrave

ChapterTwo Egg Boy
John James looked at his egg and thought. It was an old story
about an egg man falling off a wall and nobody could put him
back together again. Still early days yet.
There were only three reported cases in Canada.
He was at dinner with wife Marley alone in a private booth.
They were later to join the older children,
And see the movie 5 Feet Apart, something of Marley’s
“Well how was your day Marley?” John found his voice
the words. Marley was an Associate Professor of Biology
with the Faculty of Science Department of Bioligy Ottawa
Calton Institute of Bioligy. the two had met at Western,
University in London Ontario.
“Well something is a foot” Marley was not famous for
her conversation particularly about work.
“Well” John pressed. 
“Well they have been asking me if I could teach a
class over the internet”
“That would be easier for you, no? 
“It’s not the same John. It takes all the fun out of it.
and students can’t socialize.
They have big lecture halls you can fill with 200 people.”
“Could we go back that world once we leave it behind”
John was thinking about his day, It had been discussed
in counsel, The possibility of closing Universities.
He could not say anything to Marley he knew she loved her
students and the contact she had with them.
What is it about this disease  that gave it such power?
He had wanted other needs of the country to be addressed. 
Marley was Talking  “John.
They are so serious, they never smile and have them
study from home. I would not know if the student understood
what I was talking about. It’s really easy to cheat an exam online.                  

The movie was starting. “Pretty Girl,” John was thinking
but she was sick. Only a youngster maybe 18,
Something inside her lungs. He remembered the table
at University. They had a big sign, MY CONCEPT OF GOD.  

Cystic fibrosis That was the name of it and

it was scripted by a woman who died at 21 years 

of age Claire Wineland. She had total script approval.

“It was,” John thought, “a short and messy life.”  

Carlton his son of 15 years would ask him after the movie, 

“Why did She have to die, Dad?” 

“She was so young God must be mean”

Marley “No son You must not say that!” 

Marley had been brought up Catholic!

She had attended High School wearing the uniform. 

“God,”she said, “is the giver of life, beauty and Love.

He made man human. That means he will die.

When and where is not for man or woman to choose. 

“You did  choose to be born a Canadian and you

could not choose your parents. So you already

know that you cannot control everything in your life.”

John was still thinking about the broken egg boy and

how you put him back together after he is broken.

John thought about the hockey game he had seen only

4 week ago, everyone packed to the rafters screaming

that song.

Chapter Three Click here


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