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All photos below are taken by Phil Musgrave.
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er 30th v Ottawa

Chapter 8 Cody, the Girl, The Prime Minister
Cody had made himself a mask of a mask from a nylon stocking, Inside him there was something driven to save the young 16 year old Fan. She was part of the tribe, the clan a bonded group they had formed by the lake. Last summer they had all met on the streets. They had two things in common, One they were all homeless, and none of them did drugs.
There is always a reason for homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse, or the medical conditions of the child.
In Fan's case it was anorexia, her parents had rejected her. When she became too much for her middle class parents. She ended up on the street. However in Cody’s camp she had gained 20 kg. That was all on the line now.
Cody yelled through his mask, “George get in here and help me clean her up,”
As they finished the job. The Girl Fran started to talk,
“Thank you guys so much I am feeling much better, It had been two weeks since she had first showed signs of being sick. “Can I get something to eat?” Cody, “of course you can sweetheart.” He went to the old pressure cooker thay had hooked up the car Battery, picked out some of the soft sweet potato and some cut up pieces of burger patty and brought them to her in a bowl with a spoon. 
“Thanks again” Fan said “and I would not mind if you took my stocking off your head. “Oh yuck, Cody who knows where those have been,” said Goerge. All three laughed. It felt good. 

John James was thinking. “how easy it would be to solve other problems. When his orders could be hidden behind the curtain that the virus had raised around government action. In Hungry he had heard that the man in charge was ruling by decree. The thought had crossed his mind that no one really likes a drug addict. How on earth do you treat them if they get sick with this thing?”
“It was almost the same for him with a few exceptions; he had a budget.” 
James was a born politician who had learned his craft well. Before his career in politics he had worked in his father's welding plant. He had the dirty hands of a blue collar worker. He was no school teacher, that he left to his wife.
He had learned long ago about money and how it had to be controlled in politics. Giving people money was like feeding fish. People make sure social standing remains the same. That was the simple answer as to why you can’t lift people out of poverty.
The biggest fish in the aquarium got fed first and if you were a catfish it was hard to swim with the sharks.
John's mind slipped back to his thought of Utopia. “The most recent statistic says $23,000 for every senior in the country of course that was the average. That ment there were poor seniors receiving much less.``'' It is amazing what you can do with statistics,” “There were a lot of boomers all around the world and the first country to dump payouts to an ageing population would be a winner.” 
“When you make cuts to any budget the reverse happens” the sharks remain and the bottom feeder takes most of the hit. And cuts he would surely have made when this whole thing was over.”
“The only way to stop this unfairness was to make structural changes in society itself so it was good for John to think about the country Canada ten years from 2020.”
He remembered the quote from Jean-Luc Picard , when he was asked about money in the 23 century, He had said “We don’t have Money we don’t need it”.
John was however much more afraid of developments in Japan where robot technology was very advanced. He imaged a self reproducing self evolving robot. Biological beings are prone to disease and it takes 18 years to bring a human to maturity. A robot can do it in 6 months or less. Each new robot is a little better than the one before. This thought hammer an alarm in John's brain, man is weak. As John Knelt, prayed, in the little Chapel in Sussex drive he thought of Winston Churchill, and prayed for wisdom.     

Remember Me

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Football Regular seasons last home game vs Waterloo

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Homecoming Ball Vs Queens 2018

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Tuesday May 29 2008

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Train #644  Guelph Junction Railway March 2018

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