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Chapter 19 The Bubble

Fan now 17, had given birth to a baby boy and she was able to keep him as long as she obeyed the rules. Eating properly and caring for her child.The third rule for living in the woman shelter was that she should name the father of her child. The shelter had not given up trying though, but she simply refused to tell and bagering her on the subject brought on Latent PTSD. She had tested positive for covid 19 antibodies but remained asymptomatic. so had been given a placement in a women’s shelter in a room with her baby. It was not the best situation but she made do.

She had been placed in a bubble group of ten people all of who had had covid 19 and recovered. One of her group members was a social worker. Who had told her she would get housing if she told who the father of her child was. She had refused, knowing that if she told the worker she could jeopardize Cody’s lakeside community. Fan also had friends who she could eat with members of her bubble who would make sure she was eating right. Sometimes her lunch friends would ask. “What was it like living in the woods?” She would just clam up.

Also in her bubble were her Parents. Her Dad Terry and her Mom Verra. She had had no contact from the lakeside group in almost twelve months. Cody was still in charge at the lakeside colony that numbered 40 in two separate camps. They had hydro from the power grid and electric stoves in cabins they had built. Their food was stored in a big shipping container Cody was renting Using a post box address. All garbage was burned and biological waste was recycled through an incinerator.

The group had learned that when you went to town you dressed like a bum. That way everyone Ignored you. You never went into town with more than three people. The virus Covid 19 had claimed 8 people over 3 years but most members were young and had recovered. The bother was keeping people who had the virus apart from those who had not. Because Cody was not sure if those who had the virus could still have the disease inside them.

Tom had been on the phone to Sam, Sam had told him two important things, one: that he had not had a shower in three weeks or a sponge bath. He was mostly in his room except for the patio for a smoke. Two: he had been refusing food throwing it in the garbage. Tom knew that Sam had been told not to leave the retirement residence that he lived in and to practice social distancing while at home. Tom was now aware that Sam was getting feeble. Tom wondered if Sam’s Golden years had been what Sam wanted.

Prime Minister John James was having a restless night He was making himself a snack cutting Oka cheese into small cubes placing it on flat bread. he added a slice of Ontario grown sweet onion, a dash of Maple sugar, and small slice of Alberta grown beef, plus a spoonful of salmon leftover’ his wife had left this ingredient in the fridge knowing he would want to add to his Dagwood Rap, as he liked to called them. he made two, one salmon, one beef two minuets in the microwave. Let cool then serve.

The big Canadian Banks were keeping him awake still getting fat off of this crisis. It was very nice of the government to provide grant money to people. but eventually it all went to the bank. Supermarkets Like Metro and Loblaws Have been the leader on the economic front in the fight to keep the economy alive. As a result their stock will rise.

The banks However had reacted in a strange way, Their first response had been to place security guards at the door; The second move was to close local branches and actively promote online banking. A trend, John thought, would lead to a reduction of property tax income, And still no reduction in credit card rates. A move he thought would stimulate the economy. He would have legislation drafted tomorrow forcing banks to drop credit card interest rates and make small grants and low interest loans available to cities. John James was aware the nature of money was changing. After all the bank of Canada printed the stuff. At sometime in the future debt forgiveness would have to be discussed, and it would have to be systemic. Work, work is the key to all this. A man or woman needs meaning in their life and work with pay can be a motivating factor.

The Canadian provinces Like Ontario had stepped in to help as well. They were spending money in ways they thought were appropriate. The Things that were running were working well. The Police were to be commenced for not overreacting. Fire Protection was still in force. Transit was available. Supermarkets were open. Health food stores and bike repair shops were open.

Gregorey Douglas. Was proud to be the Premier of Ontario at such a pivotal moment in history. This morning he was having breakfast with some frontline workers. Doctors, Nurses, ambulance drivers, PSWs and long term care workers, some were physically present and social distancing, others somewhere in the video conference.

It was a casual meeting, a platform to allow the Premier to thank these people for the hard work they had done. “You are like soldiers,” he said “but this battle is not yet won.” Still there are happy signs like the flowers of spring, that this enemy will be defeated.” Douglas Continued “I ask you now for the sake of our children, to keep your routines as normal as possible.” “there will be enough lasting sars” “So I ask you now all to stand for a moment of silence.” …”We will now sing O Canada” “The people of the Province of Ontario Thank You.”

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