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Chapter 10 Winners
John Rodgello James was a practical man; he understood that certain things were the right things to do. Looking after abused women was one of those things His minister for women's affairs Maxsine Frost had told him that these can be dangerous times. Some however needed more attention. Women who were vulnerable.
He was not hesitant in granting the money she had asked, he was however unsure of exactly how the breakdown would work but he trusted Max. He did however notice that there were single homeless men on the streets. He had been taking what he called observation rides in his limousine. At different times of day That is when he was home. And he was home more than he wanted to be. There was in the house a communications room, a gym and a home entertainment room, a pool and natural gas BBQ. So he was not really living like a monk. 
He was telling everyone this was the new normal to avoid extended family gathering over Easter the Bunny would be active and about but everyone else was too social distance.  The news had come across the Prime Minister”s computer screen, the state of the English Prime Minister….. The Jail in Chicago that had 19 cases….The item about the Bronx Zoo. The Masks that are torn. And on and on.  
After an emergency cabinet meeting a plan for money had been put in place. Money was just pouring out of the government coffers. Best medical advice was to wait for the vaccine. That was at least 18 months away. Now the military was being discussed 

It had occurred to Tom that he would never know another woman for the rest of his natural life. He did not have a car. All his world was a one bedroom apartment in a building filled with working people and other seniors. The garbage system was locked and the landlady hated him. Tom used to cope with the loneliness by taking little out of town trips and going to local baseball games. Now he just watches too much TV and makes late night snacks. It was hard getting good food into the house; some stores had bad milk or bread. He was afraid of the lineups at the bank and the grocery store. Water. He bought small amounts of things so he had reason to go out there was always something on the shopping list. He was always waiting for that to disappear. And his lessons on the computer if they dropped the interest on his credit card. He might have more money but who was he to have more money.  
Alone in his room in his retirement residence Sam was looking for something to do He had no computer he had reread the old magazine three times and his TV had been on so much the screen  had a permanent blue tint he had taken an unauthorized trip out of the home now he was to be tested on a daily basis for the virus. The people who were winning were the people who had cars the could get take out food and curb side pick up. They could take a drive with the family or friends and they could get food in bulk. The most job losses were in the parttime sector and face to face retail. Yes society was changing but the poor were still losing.  

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A Students Cook Book 
Delicious simple and Cheep

Recipe Salmon Rap
Mustard One Canned Salmon no liquid
Two Tortillas
Microwave 7 to 10
flip and let cool 





Recipe Phil  Musgrave
Roasted Avocado
Take one Hard unripe Avocado
Cut bottom Open with scissors
Cook in Microwave on High
6 min. for Small 
8 min. For Big
Remove with oven Mitt
Cut open de-stone 
Add butter
Or other topping

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