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Chapter three Whisper Copyright Phil Musgrave

As Summer passed into   fall the sky filled with birds.  
The eternal honking of the   Canada Goose in migration  
to corn fields now filled with the golden ruffage left from  
John thought of the song of the loon and the tapping of  
the woodpecker soon to be silenced by cold.  
It was not that John, being Canadian, did not like winter.  
He and Winter had come to an understanding. 
Winter was a season of coming together around  
a fireplace. A season of choirs, darkness, and Church. 
Right now though football season was on his  
mind he would attend the Grey Cup game  
as the Prime Minister.  
His son was almost giddy with the prospect  
of meeting some of the players.
The Game would be played in Winnipeg,  
The Ottawa Redblack and the Blue Bomber.  
Better dress warm for that one.

It was around this time that John read the  
memo about China. The Canadian consulate  
in Shanghai had sent meno.  
“Urgent Flu like Virus reaching epidemic in  
Wuhan Province.  
At the caucus meeting that morning it was a item,  
he asked his Minister of Finance Fazer Kelly for his thoughts 
Frazer “it might be prudent to watch our trade deals  
with China. We have strong economic ties there,  
and we don’t want to lose any ground in the U. S.  
Just don’t upset the apple cart with the United States.”
John’s Source at the Canadian Intelligence Agency   
“CSIS,” has informed him that this virus might become  
a threat.  
The virus had epidemic potential. That could or would effect  
trade world wide.
John thought about the wall that the US President was building  
between Mexico and the United States of America.  
The wall had been discussed at length at the summit meeting.  
The President said jokingly, “It would be there to keep  
The pesky Mexicians out.”
 “We need control” The President had said “tight control”

Although John was a hardened politician he had seen  
poverty both in the third world and right here in Canada  
he had absolutely no idea how to solve this problem.  
Any policy made to help the poor alway went sideways.  
When the Fentanyl crisis hit Vancouver all the money had  
gone to treatment and death prevention.  
The focus on housing and jobs had been lost. 
Governments worked with numbers and the people got lost  
in the shuffle. 
During his time in municipal politics   John James  
had found. Workers in Social Service  
had lost all motivation or direct interest in their clients'  
They behaved like robots constantly dishing out forms that  
they only half understood themselves. 
Remembrance Day on Parliament hill he could see  
Mounties in their Red Serge, and guns, and speeches and the  
War Monument. It was all about war Hero.  
The  eternal  Canada Goose flying in formation over the  
Parliamentary  Library Then breaking formation and  
diving for the river. Not to forget the fly past by the  
CF18 Hornet. Even as a child John had enjoyed the  
multi faith service downtown in his hometown. 

Grannies, John’s mom had found it too cold and  
gone to drive herself and Carlton back to 24 Sussex  
Drive. “Did you bring a cherry pie?” Grannies “Well Carlton  
I bought One.” “I am getting a little older and don’t  
bake so Much.” Grannies was 73 year old Emma  
James Born in Scotland and Widowed form John James Sr.  
6 years ago. She and Carlton had been friends and family 
for fifteen years”  Mounties in their Red Serge, and guns, and speeches and the  
War Monument. It was all about war Hero.  

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