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Monday, 3 February 2020

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Downtown Guelph is Open and still a fun and healthy place to be

Come to the Guelph Public Library - Main Library: take out a cd: Even the shoe repair is open: Runing and walking trails: Medication: and Health Care: Health food: Food stores: Fresh air: Banks: Doctors: Dentist: EyeCare: and Much More...

Birds and Nature Downtown

City of Guelph NEWS

Copyright Phil Musgrave

This May 8th 2021, Today I am talking with Phil Alt Councillor ward 3

Phil Musgrave Agian, "And the Future of Downtown Guelph?"

 Answer Phil Alt:
Wow, lots of worries. I believe that Council and the community has to make a firm commitment to downtown renewal.

I do not want the downtown to be nothing more than a drinking and dining district.

I’d like it to be populated with people, businesses and cultural institutions like a great library.

The city will have to spend money but that is the price we pay to avoid the City becoming a shell like some centres in the United States.

 I am glad we have the Guelph Storm and the Nighthawks playing in the Sleeman Centre. We need to work with the Downtown Board to bring more entertainment to the City Centre.

 Fun Fact: the geographic centre of the City is now Stone Rd. It will not be long before it is further South. This is a challenge but one I think we are up to provided we put our will and financial support behind it. BTW: remember when we were kids - you went to BM, I went to GCVI? I used to go to the Treanon at lunch to meet the girls from BM. I’d love to have that back.

It was good healthy fun (and a plate of French Fries). Let's make downtown a place for kids of all ages. Read The Rest Of the Interview Here

Bus On Demand

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This Text Taken From Guelph Transit Website Around 7:30 8:00 oclock April 21 2021,
( see Link Below)
"On-demand will service any area within Guelph city limits, using Guelph Transit’s smaller buses. On-demand service to the Hanlon Business Park and Hanlon Creek Business Park will use conventional-size buses. Customers travelling to the two business parks will catch the on-demand bus at the existing bus stop at Clair Road and Gordon Street. Return trips will also stop at this location, which is serviced by the 99 Mainline every 15 minutes, Monday through Saturday."

Tap Here For More. "text Credit" From this link

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