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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Music the Concerto and Jazz Page 22



Understanding Classical Music

Don't sell youself short on classical music. The concerto is the big player here, not to say that the symphony is bad.  The best value for your money is the concerto. There are all kinds but the most relaxing are harp or flute, There are also, horn obo cello and piano cocertos.

The concerto
Some of the best music for piano
Flute Music Classical
Listen to list 
Cello Classical Music





Chapter 27 Cody
a work of fiction copyright Phil Musgarve
The colony had done very well. The year 2023, it was December 24th. In the books there was no debt. All loans had been paid to the banks. Cody’s camp now included 150 acre of prime Ontario farm land. About George, Cody was no longer worried. Fan was a happy mother of three one of whom was returned to her from her parents. George and Fan had been High school sweethearts and had been together from the age of 13. Now Fan worked at the hospital and George was a farmer at the community farm, and dedicated husband.

The community had its own police force, fully armed but community based. The law of Ontario was for the most part the determining factor in criminality but the community had the first say.. 

Cody was addressing the early all faiths celebration of the holy months of the year although for the Christians Christmas was still a very important date on the calendar celebrations were extended to many faiths. Jewish people had their own Holy days and the Muslems went by a Lunar Calendar. So there a lot to parties to go to through the cold winter months

 This was a meeting of all the houses One elected person from each house “Well,” said Cody “Were not out of this mess yet. We must try and help the community we depend on. The community outside our own. That world is not a Happy one. The Great nation of America will, I hope, recover.” “We all know that We are mortal humans, and we have treated the virus but not cured it. It has become a matter of faith in more ways than one. I believe the treatment is what we use already, we must not wait for the cure.”

 Any great civilization falls, from within. lack of compassion, greed and fear, can tear communities apart. We must remember that our community was founded on social rejects. The people other people did not want. It has not been an easy love. This love has been hard. We are called by the Lord God to love every man. When we fail to do this the communities of mankind fall apart.

"So before dinner gets served I want to walk you through some recent history.” “This is not thankfully the history of our community, and we must not be smug about this. This is the history of our brothers who I want this community to help. This will be asking you this coming year to spread the love.”

"Love is not an easy word, Love must, without violence, overcome prejudice, greed, hatred and fear, It must be sharing, compassionate and kind. Most of all love understands that no man is more valuable than any other.” “So let us look at what this means. Our brothers ran away in fear from a virus that made people sick but did not always kill them. We stood our ground, not because we were better but because we had to. At the time we had nothing but each other.”

“The Banks were the first to run for cover Leaving the some elderly to line up outside the bank in the heat and cold some getting heat stroke or worse. Fear or greed made them insensitive. They forgot the meaning of the word customer.” “Older citizen were also left to die alone in homes for the elderly and nursing care” “The universities went online leaving their beautiful campuses sparsely populated.” “Sports all but disappeared.”

“Social groups were socially spaced And commercial real estate devalued. Everyone shopped online.” “This is the world of our brothers but it is our country too, and we need our country.” A tear rolled down Cody’s cheek as he said the last few words. “We must get the message out that it is the treatment not the cure that will work.” “If we fail our society will fail too.” “Merry Christmas Everyone”

It was Fan’s turn next she brought out The Cody Colonial Choir, to sing O Holy Night and Ave Maria. The choir had practiced since October.

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