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Thursday, 1 December 2016

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hapter ONE Prime Minister
from a new novel by Phil Musgrave. 
 He was after everything that had happened he was still the Prime Minister of Canada.

This was some kind of theme park. Full of rides, truly weird food and people everywhere. He was wearing a wig and dark sunglasses. His personal security was with him as always, but this was a holiday at the CNE with the son Carlton who was now 15 years old.
A few people had recognized the child and walked toward them but were confused by his wig and sunglasses and walked away.
He was trying to remember the item on the agenda of the G8 summit that had closed only yesterday. “Of course,” he thought,
“The elephant in the room had been world population growth.” 18% by 2040.

 He suddenly had this image enter his brain teeming masses of humanity rising global temperature by body heat alone. Was it discussed, No, all he wanted to talk about was the repugnant wall. Yes they had talked about climate change, refugees, world hunger, and that fly in the ointment as he called her Greta.

 He had also been thoroughly briefed on the virus. However he had not discussed some.. Most of the agenda of this G8 with even the closest members of his staff in the PMO. Prime Minister John James Had no Idea what the world would look like in 300 years. The man did however have a grasp of what the world would look like in 10. He did not like it. John James was bilingual; he had grown up in Hamilton and Gone for his Masters to Western. He had come up the hard way through the ranks of the party running in local politics first then regional, provincial and Finally national. 

 He was experienced and astute and street smart. His cabinet he had hand picked himself and the privy council was his stomping ground. His wife Marly was off somewhere with the other kids. He really did not know his children, and really did not want to. His children made him happy because they were a success, Still young but a product of his loins therefore a good reflection on himself. Good Politics involved making or taking opportunities and if you did it right you survived. Although fluent in French he had been shut out in the last election and so was governing Canada, “by consent ,” he would tell his Cabinet. 

“So watch Your P’s and Q’s Especially the Q’s.” The world had changed and was changing faster. To get on the news you had mostly audio bites broadcast over Google minis and car radios people just did not have time anymore. So in a nutshell his world looked like this. Australia was on fire. Their summer came when the Earth was 3 million miles closer to the sun. The heat for the fire was spreading out over the south ocean to Antarctica. The Middle East was in Canada now, immigrants bring their culture here. And the whole world was going protectionist.
“On A planet far away,” John thought to himself, as he stopped to watch the people on this bucket thing swing back and forth. Trying to suck the last of the Summer

Read Chapter Two here

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Our Earth and Space

Here To Serve You!

We also Have A full service Kitchen

We Have Take Out

Menu and Grill website

 Steaks,  Craft Beer 

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The last Basketball the Gryphon's played in Game 2020

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Chapter 29 The Wall
Tales for Delinquent Teenagers
A writing of fiction copyright Phil Musgrave

 Vannesa is reading to her Children, Annie, age five, and James age 8 She is reading from a Kobo Book. The book is marked Appropriate for children.

The year is 2027 Vernessa has a home thanks to the inheritance she got from her parents. The house has a beautiful backyard leading off from a porch. It was an older home with an established garden. Old flowers like blue Iris, hollyhock and big pink and red poppies. The kids had added sunflowers to the mix. And as the lazy summer

sun slowly went to bed the children snuggled with their mother on the wide porch swing. “

This is the story.” Vanessa began, “of an artist named Gyppy who wanted to paint the gray winter sky, He could not decide on a color, he had thought of gold or yellow, because those were the colors of health. Your pee is yellow when you're healthy.”

 “ It had to be a strong color, one that would not dilute with water. Red maybe. He wanted it to last all day, maybe even the night. Nothing that would hurt the environment. People were still suffering from that sin. Gyppy was already famous for his genetically modified garden of plants Located in the Arboretum At the University Of Guelph.

Gyppy had changed the color of tree trunks. To red, green and pink.” Gyppy had won an award from the Canadian Mental Health Association, and grant money from the Canada council.

 Now he wanted to do something about the winter sky. He found something at the local Rona hardware store. Gyppy was touch sensitive  and liked to touch all his working materials.

 He was in fact, what had come to be known now as an anti-virtualist. It was part of the push back movement.

 That has found footing during the plague years. These were people who refused to shop or bank online. It was because of these people little community shops where making a come back, little community credit unions

 where holding their own against big online banks” “But right now Gyppy was looking at a product on the shelf that said in its advertising that it was


 Next he checked the ecology, would it hurt the environment. The product was called skinny color.” “Gyppy was flying his kite in the cold late October sky, a big kite that took two people to launch it.

 Attached to the bottom is a mist release. The event was leaked to the media, and people from the virtual world came to this real world event.


 “There is a hexadecimal number for ever color in the world.” said Gyppy, “This is the one I have chosen Hex #f6b26b this is light orange I hope you like it”

 A roar came from the crowd as the sky changed color.

 Cody is talking to his nephew, he is five years old, and full questions. Why do some people wear masks? “Well son,” Cody intoned with some hand gesture palms down.

“Well it is a habit continued from the plague years It was part of that social distancing thing.

"Ok uncle C." said Paul.

and then, paul, like any typical five year old asked another question.

“Uncle C what is baseball?” “Son, “ said Cody, “that is a very hard Question.”

“I could say it was a sport, a game, But it starts with a little leather ball with yarn inside and then it becomes a legend like Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra or 

Dave Stieb

 or Pete Rose or Sandy Koufax.”

Cody is gesturing with his hand like he is batting a ball.

Cody continues, “It was not just a game it was an experience, all those fans and the noise and the stats even baseball cards. That fans could trade. It will be a while before it happens again like that."

  “Like what uncle C?”

 "Llke the Magic is in the music. And the umpire screams Play Ball"
“Uncle C, What is an Umpire?”

Chapter 30 is Here

all photo Copyright Phil Musgrave

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