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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Man and Engineering Page 19



 "the wall"
A fictional work

Chapter 17: the report

Copyright Phil Musgrave

It was form CSIS 

Secret  preface 

This a report on the state Canadian Society
April 30 2020
Here we would like to express our concern
over some social development we have observed.
That we believe
are being brought to the forefront and mitigated by
the present pandemic.
An elitist attitude that could cause problems.
This is especially
prevalent in companies or institutions that do not
have an urgent need to serve the customer.
Canadian Banks are well
aware of the rule in business, “Location Location, Location.”
Yet they are persisting in “temporarily closing banks
in hard hit
economic regions. The banks have not been co-operative in
reducing lending rates on bank credit cards.
A move we think
would help the poor. We feel that banks must become
socially involved and take more risks.
These are a listing of the social and economic effects our
agency has observed. There may be
an increasing number of defaulted mortgages in
University towns
where homeowners rented rooms to students. 
Large apartment towers may 
Lack such things as elevator maintenance and
may suffer because tenants cannot pay rent,
and cannot be evicted.
Should this situation continue there could be landlords
who default on Building Taxes and Mortgage payments.       

Canadian banks unlike their American counterparts feel
no need to service all their customers,
and seem to be setting themselves up for a win win scenario.
In the U.S. banks are chartered in a
different way that this agency feels makes them more
This is important because we at this agency have no
of how long the present crisis might last. Canadian winters are
always full of surprises. 

Unions have raised concerns about the violation of human
rights and privacy.
As you well know, Prime Minister your father helped
formulate the new Canadian Constitution. They have also
expressed concern over Job losses, because of the institution
of the virtual classroom. This may also affect university towns
and the people who depend on students to fill their rental
accommodation economic hard ship . 

We have major concerns about older people being hidden away
left to die. Nursing homes running short on staff.
Also there seems to be a building resentment towards
older people.  

We think when all these concerns are meshed together in a
society there is the possibility for the wrong kind of social

We feel the Canadian government must lead our Country down
the right road, during the time of phenomenal social change.
So we can remain, Canada strong and free.
If I may quote Winston Churchill “We have nothing to fear
but fear itself.”  

John James places the folder on his desk and directly looks up
into the face of Robert Cline, the author of the report.
John, “what would you have me do Robert? Call in the army.”
Robert, “No Sir at least not with any direct confrontation with
the people.
I think Canadian Banks have to step up and be prepared
to take some major risks, The alternative would be Canadian
society falling apart.” “Supermarkets are highly motivated to
bring customers to their store and the ones in the real world
own real estate.
American Banks want to protect their market share.
Canadian Banks are chartered differently from the Americans.
The motivation just isn't there.
James,”So we change Canadian Banking laws?”
“We could bring in smaller regional charters.
“The Bank of Ontario” for example.”
James moves to end the meeting.
Robert “just one other point, Sir. I suggest the creation of the
Office of Controller to see where the money we're spending is
going and what effect it has.
The statistical analysis would certainly help my department."

James, “thank you Robert I will get back to you.”  

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