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Friday, 23 September 2016

football before 2020 and the novel the WALL Chapter 28



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Chapter 28 Defunding and Toppling
a work of fiction copyright Phil Musgarve

"Christopher, haven't you seen enough of the TV News,” Emma was Irritated. “No Em this is important stuff Look their making history here. These people are marching against the oppression of black people. And they are knocking down and defacing statues of racist figures.” “Oh look, look there I am On T.V. “ He held up his Tablet. “It says Black lives Matter. And defund the police” “And later on we defaced the statue of Sir John A.”

 “We are changing the world Em. Chris turned to Emma, to his surprise she was angry, maybe as angry as she could ever be. Emma, “You know Chris I am tired of the bullshit. I know your black friends have had it rough. I would not want to be a poor black in the United States right now. Black lives do matter but my papa’s life matters. He died alone in a nursing home.

 Sure I have friends who are black but I don’t see them any differently from white people. Yes peaceful marches can change things”

“But Emma your missing the point Emma."

 “Shut up I am not finished yet” “In all the time you have been with me, you have never asked what my father did.” “My father is a Policeman and he is living through misery right now more than he should have too. Destruction of property is a nasty thing to do. Everybody lives in a time in history.

Sir John A MacDonald was maybe not the best of people. He was Prime Minister. The next thing is to remove his name from the history books and tear down his portrait. Then we never know what his life was like. We never learn from our mistakes. Someone made the statue as a work of art.” "Never mind!" Emma walks away.

 Sam is alone in his room watching television. He is thinking about what could happen with contact tracing in Canada and how it might get out of hand. The world is never going to be normal. Most people only get mild symptoms from covid 19. It is the two weeks in Isolation that can even drive a dog mad.

Sam was alone in his room, at 89, he is crying, No love in his life. He feels abandoned. The phone rings, "hello, hello." 

It is Tom “he just talks all the time and so fast.” Sam is thinking. Thanking him for phoning. They talk about the homeless on the street. The strange ones who talk to themselves. Tom “every generation has social sins, This is only one of ours. How many Monuments to us will they topple a hundred years from now.” Sam I am so happy that the black man is losing more of the chains of oppression. He is welcomed as a brother.”

“Yes Sam I think it is time to be kind and courageous.” “No more property damage, what this world needs right now is a message of hope.” Sam ,“a second coming” Tom.”Oh I truly hope not, Sam because that would be the end of the world.

 Tom is reading what he has written: to Sam. 

 “A letter My great great grandchild, Dear human If you find this it is because we it is because we failed. Our world fell apart because Like the elephant that is afraid of the mouse. We could not tell the difference between infection rate and death rate. A virus that in most people presented only minor symptoms, was the cause of widespread panic."

" It was the contact tracing. and Quarantine that was forced on us by the Government. We handed our world over to anarchy. Change is good, panic is bad. We did not understand what we were doing until it was too late. So sorry. Remember one thing my child.
Man is meant to die."

 The sins of our generation have been no less than those that went before us. We abandoned the mentally ill and some of the elderly The homeless lived out their lives on the street. While we ate and slept well. Stores and banks lived in a virtual world. We defunded our protectors,  the police.”

 "What I wish for you my child is freedom, happiness and a life that is fulfilling." 

 "The one nightmare I have is that your generation will be controlled by self replication robots. Let's hope not." 

"Be strong, corsages and explore space. I am certain that in space the human race will find answers and more question But that is the wonder of life."

Every life must have a mission. Every country has a development plan and the earth should move into space. Nothing absolutely nothing should stand in the way of those plans.”

"So what do you think Sam? I made it an outline for a novel I might write."  Sam That's a bit sad But I like the bit about Hope and outer space."           Chapter 29 is here